Circuit 32w hi-fi audio power amplifier – TDA2050

The TDA 2050 is a monolithic integrated circuit in Pentawatt package, intended for use as an audio class AB audio amplifier. Thanks to its high power capability the TDA2050 is able to provide up to 35W true rms power into 4 ohm load @ THD = 10%, VS = ±18V, f = 1KHz and up to 32W into 8 ohm load @ THD = 10%, VS = ±22V, f = 1KHz. Moreover, the TDA 2050 delivers typically 50W music power into 4 ohm load over 1 sec at VS=
22.5V, f = 1KHz.

amplifier TDA2050 Single 450x337 Circuit 32w hi fi audio power amplifier   TDA2050
The high power and very low harmonic and crossover distortion (THD = 0.05% typ, @ VS = ±22V, PO = 0.1 to 15W, RL=8ohm, f = 100Hz to 15KHz) make the device most suitable for both HiFi and high class TV sets

  • GND)


The TDA 2050 has an original circuit which limits the current of the output transistors. The maximum output current is a function of the collector emitter voltage; hence the output transistors work within their safe operating area. This function can therefore be considered as being peak power limiting rather than simple current limiting.
It reduces the possibility that the device gets damaged during an accidental short circuit from AC output to ground.


The presence of a thermal limiting circuit offers the following advantages:
1)An overload on the output (even if it is permanent), or an above limit ambient temperature
can be easily tolerated since the Tj cannot be higher than 150°C.
2)The heatsink can have a smaller factor of safety compared with that of a conventional circuit. There is no possibility of device damage due to high junction temperature. If for
any reason, the junction temperature increases up to 150°C, the thermal shutdown simply reduces the power dissipation and the current consumption.

Schematic of Amplifier with tda 2050

amplificador tda 2050 esquema 450x249 Circuit 32w hi fi audio power amplifier   TDA2050Suggested printed circuit board for mounting circuit

amplificador-tda 2050-pcb-1 Suggested printed circuit board for mounting circuit

Pcb version 1

Suggested printed circuit board for mounting circuit

PCB version2

Printed circuit board layout component side click to enlarge

Printed circuit board layout component side click to enlarge tda 2050 layout

List of components for assembly of the amplifier tda2050

Component Value
C1 2.2µF/25v
C2 100µF/25v
C3, C7 1000µF/25v
C4 22µF/25v
C5 100nF -> 104, 100nF, 0.1, .1, ou 100n
C6 0.47µF
IC1 tda2050
IN Connector
VCC Connector
OUT connector
R1, R2, R3, R5 22k –
R4 680 Ohms
R6 2.2 Ohms

The Power supply for this circuit should be 18 volts / 2 amperes

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  1. benson marube says:

    hi ! am a starter in electronic field.i really appreciate what you are doing.

  2. Beto says:

    Aló Toni please envíame el PCB de este amplicador. Muito brigado!

  3. Beto says:

    Hola Toni por favor me puedes enviar el PCB de este amplificador. Muchas gracias.

  4. Dominik Pechac says:

    Hi, i bnuilded it and it don’t works and i don’t know why. PCB is clean, pins are ok and as supply i’m using 24v old notebook power supply. I can’t hear anything in the speaker. TDA or any differnt component don’t heat. At first start i added fuse 3,5A and it doesnt blow so theres not problem. Can you help me please??

  5. Alejandro says:

    Hello to all who come to this page to build your audio amplifier. I have tested this circuit. and let me tell you that is a mistake. The PCB is in no way mirror. printed as well, to work, the TDA2050 I will have to put on the side of the tracks. and to prove it, see the datasheet of the TDA2050. In the Pin1 is the audio input. And when they finish the PCB is in Vs Pin1 +.
    Luck …

    • Asthalavista says:

      ohh please its fine flip the image so that u can read the pcb words correctly i.e the +ve and -ve and xtronic read correctly and there u go…………use paints to flip the image horrizontally then rotate +180……..good luck

  6. Alejandro says:

    Hola a todos los que lleguen a esta página para construir su amplificador de audio. Lo he probado a este circuito. y dejenme decirle que tiene un error. El PCB no está en modo espejo. si lo imprimen así, para que funcione, el TDA2050 lo tendrán que poner del lado de las pistas. y para corroborarlo, vean el datasheet del TDA2050. En el Pin1 va la entrada de audio. Y cuando terminen el PCB, el Pin1 queda en Vs+.

  7. Alfredo says:

    Can you send me the PDF files of the pcb? Thank you!

  8. Dragan Ilic says:

    Please send me PDF files of the PCB I want to try this :)

    Tnx and greetings from Serbia


  9. mosbah says:

    please send me a power supply circuit for this amplifier

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  10. MESEGESJOL22 says:

    Hola capo muy bueno una pregunta funciona con 12vcc? me podes mandar al correo el PCB para imprimir? gracias muy bueno!!!!!

  11. sidiney says:

    so fico um pouco em duvida sobre o capacitor 0,47uf ele por acaso é igual a 47pf, mas o progeto é muito bom.

  12. Farhan says:

    HEllo Mr Tony can you send me PCB layout and Shematic for TDA 2050 Brridge Amp thanks

  13. MARK says:

    hello! can you send me a power supply pcb layout for this amplifier coz i wanna try this circuit.

  14. MARK says:

    please send me a power supply circuit for this amplifier.

  15. mark says:

    do you have 18v ps circuit?

  16. Alessandro says:

    Thank you for the PCB layout of single supply!

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