Circuit audio power amplifier with IC TDA7294 80 W RMS

Circuit audio power amplifier with IC TDA7294 80 W RMS


Project of circuit potent audio amplifier with TDA7294

Super Amplifier with tda7294 of the St microeletronics, is possible to get potency of up to 100W in an only chip, for an unit stereo to use two same to that. That circuit is based on the datasheet of the ready

to work with sources of strong signs, in case it is necessary it uses a pre-amplifier in the form of an opamp. That circuit type with integrated circuit is ideal for systems of involving sound. Because he is quite compact could use an independent amplifier for each one of the high speakers. In that way it can be to share the source dimensioned it is clear to support all the connected amplifiers. Oh you can remove a wave with that neighbor that bought a ” home theater ” of 1000W PMPO, and fear in saying that is an enormous potency, when in reality it will verify the real potency of the equipment it doesn’t arrive nor to 10W RMS for channel. It already imagined a system of high active speakers with 80W. If it will pass for the marketing department, that where defines the potency PMPO, your system would give… it lets me to see… comparing with the example oh of top… about ” 3000 W PMPO “. Game that you have been doing with the potency of the equipments. For you to do your sound system will only need the sign source. Because the amplifier can be perfectly that of here. The necessary subwoofer of a little more of potency then in the datasheet you will find an assembly example in bridge to increase the potency. Below we have the schematic, the Printed circuit board and details of the assembly.

Good luck.

schematic – diagram circuit for assembly power amplifier tda7294

diagram of circuit for tda7294

Suggestion of Printed circuit board to assembly the power amplifier with tda7294

printed circuit board for amplifier audio potent with tda7294

Side of the components to assembly potent amplifier with TDA7294

Plate side of the components tda7294

lists of components: for tda7294

C1 1µF
C2 47µF
C3 10µF
C4 10µF
C5 22µF
C6 4700µF/50V
C7 100N
C8 4700µF/50V
C9 100N
D1 1N4148
R1 22K
R2 680R
R3 22K
R4 22K
R5 30K
R6 10K
SL1 key de Mute
SL2 signal input (Line In)
U1 TDA7294V
X2 Connector AK300/3
X3 Connector AK300/2
several: Printed circuit board, power source +35 -35V / 6A, etc.

Download PDF files for TDA7294
Download PDF

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  1. Hello, I´m planning to buy a guitar amplifier, but seeing the low costs of the materials involved of actually constructing one I´m leaning forward to actually build a guitar head amp. Could this project work as a guitar amp? What else could I need to build a good clean channel / distort channel / 3 band eq amp head? Thanks