Circuit audio power amplifier circuit lm386 with pcb for 800 mW

Audio amplifier circuit using lm386 with printed circuit board and Schematic

lm386 3d Circuit audio power amplifier circuit lm386 with pcb for 800 mW

Schematic of power audio amplifier for applications as Amplifiers of radio FM, Amplifiers of mp3 portable players, Intercoms, Systems of sound of TV and other applications.

Schematic of the amplifier using lm386

lm386 esquema Circuit audio power amplifier circuit lm386 with pcb for 800 mW

Description of the amplifier circuit using lm386

It is treated of a simple circuit using the lm386n of the national semiconductors, in the basic application the one that the lm386 is destined that is an amplifier of high earnings with few components and virtual ground allowing to feed the circuit with a simple source without need of asymmetric sources. The entrance sign that can be of several audio sources that is a versatile amplifier. The audio sign should be linked in JP2, a potentiometer of 10k goes called in pot, J1 is one it is a jumper that should be used when we want an earnings = 200, in that case R2 can be omitted, without the jumper the earnings of the circuit falls for 50. instead of the jumper you to use a key for commuting the earnings between 50 and 200. The amplified audio comes out through J3. it should use if a high speakers of 8 ohms in the exit of the amplifier.

The supply of the circuit can be made by batteryor power supply of 6 volts.

Suggestion of printed circuit board for assembly of the audio amplifier with lm386 real size

Suggestion of circuit plate printed

printed circuit board for assembly on the amplifier side of the components

Circuit plate printed

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