audio power amplifier circuit lm3886

Circuit audio power amplifier of 68 watts using lm3886

The lm3886 is an integrated circuit very used in projects of audio amplifiers by that it can be found with more easiness.

see that the circuit should be fed by source symmetrical good filtered of + 34 and – 34 volts. R2 and L1 is a resistor of 10 ohms / 2watt coiled with 10 to 12 you exhale of enameled thread AWG 20. The circuit integrated lm3886 is a component easy of being found at the electronics stores, for that he is used in several projects of potency audio, some exist circuits with linked lm3886 in bridges for potencies of up to 150 watts. For most information on the assembly of that circuit, I suggest that sees the datasheet of the lm3886 in the site of the national semiconductors. With the information of the leaf of data you can adapt the circuit with lm3886 your needs.

lm3886 esquema audio power amplifier circuit lm3886

Suggestion of printed circuit board for assembly of the power amplifier

lm3886 placa audio power amplifier circuit lm3886

Board for assembly seen beside the components power amplifier lm3886

suggestion of printed circuit board for assembly of the amplifier

Lists of components for assembly of the power amplifier

R1 10K Ohms
R2 10 Ohms 2W see text
R3 10 Ohms
R4 47K Ohms
R5 220K Ohms
R6 10K Ohms
R7 100K Ohms

C1 100NF
C2 100NF
C3 100NF
C4 100UF
C5 100UF
C6 4,7UF
C7 100UF
C8 1UF

L1 0,7uH see text

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  1. Brown says:

    What kind of power supply that’s good for this amplifier? can we reuse (modify…Please)) ATX power supply, How? Thanks

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