Download Piklab the the equivalent Microchip MPLAB for Linux

Piklab is an integrated development environment for applications based on PIC and dsPIC microcontrollers similar to Microchip MPLAB software.

The GNU PIC Utilities are used for compiling assembler files. Microchip programmers (currently only ICD2) and several direct programmers are supported. A command-line programmer is included.

Piklab is free software released under the GNU Public License.

Here are some key features of “Piklab”:

· compile and link assembler files with “gpasm” and “gplink” .
· disassemble hex files with “gpdasm”.
· project manager.
· hex file editor (all but newest PIC and dsPIC are supported). Tested only with inhx32 format.
· programming with “direct” programmers (serial and parallel). Only some PIC are supported. This feature is directly copied from Pikdev 0.8.1 and hasn’t been tested at the moment. See Pikdev homepage for details.
· programming with ICD2 programmer from Microchip (serial and USB). Debugging is not supported yet. Tested only with 16F871 and 18F452. Automatically upload the correct firmware for the programmer.
· command-line programmer (“piklab-prog”). It still uses some configuration values that can only be set with the complete graphical interface. It needs to run under a graphical environnement since it uses some KDE libraries.

Piklab 1 screenshot 300x211 Download Piklab the the equivalent Microchip MPLAB for Linux

download blue button Download Piklab the the equivalent Microchip MPLAB for Linux

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