Circuit audio pre-amplifier with a BC549 transistor


Circuit audio pre-amplifier with transistor BC549. This simple circuit can be used to boost the signal sources that can not excite your amplifier, or from entering your PC, such as microphones for low and medium impedance, sound-heads, guitar pickups, guitar, etc… The circuit is basic and compact and can even be installed inside the signal source, should be sandwiched between the signal source and amplifier itself.

Feeding can be done with voltages from 6 to 9 V obtained from ordinary batteries or a battery. As the current required is very low, the durability of batteries will be quite large. The level of output signal depends on the level of the input signal and amplification. In this case, this amplification is about 50 times, but can be changed by changing the resistor R1 and also the setting of P1.

This pot (or trimpot) P1 just allows you to adjust the gain of the circuit with the signal source to obtain an output without distortion, capable of exciting the external amplifier. In Figure 1 we have the complete diagram of this simple pre-audio amplifier.

Schematic simple audio amplifier

Circuit Audio Pre-Amplifier With A Bc549 Transistor

Suggested printed circuit board for mounting the preamplifier

Component Side

BOM for assembly of the Circuit audio pre-amplifier with a BC549 transistor

R1: 1MOhms
R2: 10 Kohms
R3: 220 KOhms
R4: 1KOhms
P1: Logarithmic potentiometer or trimpot

C1: 10μF
C2: 22μF
C3: 4.7μF
C4: 100μF

Q1: Transistor: BC549 or equivalent

Miscellaneous: printed circuit board, battery or 9 Volt, Connectors

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