Download TDSL Tube Data Sheet Locator

Download TDSL Tube Data Sheet Locator

Download TDSL (Tube Data Sheet Locator) Personal Edition provides information right on your PC for a large number of vacuum tubes. Advanced searching facilities help you to compare different types and make substitutes for hard to find vacuum tubes. It is intended to be of interest to amplifier technicians, amp modifiers, hobbyists and students.

Download Tdsl Tube Data Sheet Locator
Download Tdsl Tube Data Sheet Locator

Key features TDSL Tube Data Sheet Locator

Searching: Search by designator – for example, searching on 6K will bring up all vacuum tube types starting with 6K and display them in the filter window. Simply browse through the list looking at the data. Search by parameters – find vacuum tubes based on their parameters like maximum rating or pinout. “Soft matches” are allowed by finding approximate values – you can decide how close it needs to be.
Filter panel: Displays the vacuum tubes that meet your search criteria. Simply click on the tube type to see the data.
Pinout tab: Shows the basing diagram and pin list for over 4,300 vacuum tubes.

Data sheets tab: As if the features above are not enough, TDSL PE includes Internet URLs for over 9,500 vacuum tubes where you can click to see a data sheet on the web or visit the site which hosts the data sheets.

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Download TDSL Tube Data Sheet Locator

Download TDSL

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2 thoughts on “Download TDSL Tube Data Sheet Locator”

  1. daca este in Windows nu ma intereseaza .Tot asa sa intamplat cu Open-Hantek DSO.Osciloscop-digital.Acum este actualizat si pentru Linux si pentru Win10 Cand a fost lansat produsul trebuia sa ai Win7 .si dupa aceea mai sus nu mai puteai sa folosesti programul

    • It seems like you’re frustrated with the fact that the TDSL Tube Data Sheet Locator is only available for Windows, as you mentioned in your previous comment about Open-Hantek DSO. I can understand how it can be disappointing when a product or software is initially released for a specific operating system and then limits its compatibility with newer versions or different platforms.

      Software developers often prioritize certain operating systems based on their market share or user demand. However, it’s important to note that as technology evolves, developers often work towards expanding compatibility to reach a wider range of users. In the case of Open-Hantek DSO, it’s great to hear that they have now updated it to be compatible with Linux and Win10, even though it was initially released for Win7.

      While it can be frustrating to experience limitations based on the operating system you’re using, it’s worth keeping an eye on updates and future releases from the software developers. They may address compatibility issues and expand their software to accommodate more users in the future.


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