Breadboard Power Supply Module 5V 3.3V

Breadboard Power Supply Module (5V5Amax+3V3) LMR14050 + lm1117. Take your breadboard projects to the next level with our Breadboard Power Supply Module! Designed by engineers for engineers, this module provides stable and reliable power to your microcontroller and LEDs, ensuring optimal performance. Say goodbye to insufficient power supplies and unstable lighting—upgrade to our verified power supply module today. Get yours now and light up your projects with confidence!

Schematic Breadboard Power Supply Module 5V 3.3V

Schematic Breadboard Power Supply Module 5V 3.3V

Engineering background:
When using a breadboard for learning about lighting up WS2812 LEDs, the author found that supplying power to the microcontroller via USB was insufficient to drive the LEDs properly when there were many of them. Existing power supply modules found online were too basic and had the risk of unstable power supply. Therefore, a power supply module was designed to supply 3.3V to the microcontroller and 5V to the LEDs.

Design solution:
A DC DC BUCK circuit was used to step down the input power to 5V, with the TI LMR14050SDDA as the main BUCK IC, supporting up to 40V input (marked as 36V on the PCB for safety reasons). The default output is 3A, with a maximum of 5A (note the need for heat dissipation). The 5V power supply was further stepped down to 3.3V using an LDO for the microcontroller or other 3V3 modules, with the choice of the classic 1117 chip and a toggle switch for adjusting the output voltage.

Due to the varying load requirements for lighting up, additional capacitors were used for stabilization after the BUCK circuit. The 47uF capacitor may be omitted if there are no heavy load scenarios.

Testing with a 19V

Input showed that the 5V power supply worked properly (slight voltage error due to feedback resistor tolerance).

Switching to 3.3V also worked properly.

About IC LMR14050

The IC LMR14050 is a highly efficient, synchronous buck regulator that is designed to provide a regulated output voltage from a wide range of input voltages. It is capable of delivering up to 5A of continuous output current with excellent load and line regulation. The device features an adjustable output voltage, enabling flexibility in various applications. With a high switching frequency and integrated power MOSFETs, the LMR14050 offers a compact and cost-effective solution for powering a variety of electronic devices. Additionally, it includes a comprehensive set of protection features such as overcurrent protection, thermal shutdown, and undervoltage lockout to ensure safe and reliable operation. Overall, the LMR14050 is a versatile and reliable regulator suitable for various power management applications.

BOM Breadboard Power Supply Module 5V 3.3V

Parts Value Description Quantity
R1 33K (333) R0603 – SMD resistor 1
R2,R4,R5 51K (513) R0603 – SMD resistor 3
R3,R7 10K (103) R0603 – SMD resistor 2
R6 18K (183) R0603 – SMD resistor 1
R8,R9 1R (1R0) R0603 – SMD resistor 2
C1,C7 100nF/50v C0603 – SMD ceramic capacitor 2
C2,C3 47uF C1210 – SMD ceramic capacitor 2
C4 100nF C0603 – SMD ceramic capacitor 1
C5 22nF C0603 – SMD ceramic capacitor 1
C6 100uF/35V Electrolytic capacitor 1
C12 100uF/16V Electrolytic capacitor 1
C8,C9 22uF C0805 – SMD ceramic capacitor 2
U1 LMR14050SDDA Step-down type Adjustable 800mV~28V 5A 4V~40V SOIC-8-EP DC-DC Converter 1
LED1 NCD0603R1 LED0603 SMD red LED 1
D1 PDS760-13 Power-DI-5 Schottky Barrier Diode 60V 7A 1
U4,U5 1117-3.3 1A Fixed 3.3V Positive 15V SOT-89-3 Linear Voltage Regulators (LDO) 2
DC1 DC-005-25A 2.5 mm 6.4 mm DC Power Connector 1
H1,H2 PZ254V-12-6P Pin Header 2×3 pin 2.54 mm 2
L1 10uH 12.3×12.3 mm Power Inductor 1
CN1,CN2 22284020 Pin Header 2 pin, 2.54 mm 2
SW1,SW2 SK-12D07-VG3 Slide Switch 2

Download files, links, and notes

Breadboard Power Supply Module 5V 3.3V Pcb 3D


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