RDA5807 mini stereo FM radio circuit

RDA5807 mini stereo FM radio circuit

Mini radio based on RDA5807, small size, long battery life. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have a compact and powerful mini radio based on RDA5807 with small size and long battery life! With automatic search, a frequency range of 50 -108 MHz, and FM demodulation, this mini radio is perfect for daily use. Get your DIY kit now and enjoy the convenience of portable radio wherever you go. Click the link to purchase the IC RDA5807 and start building your own mini radio today!

Rda5807 Mini Stereo Fm Radio Circuit
Rda5807 Mini Stereo Fm Radio Circuit
  • Search method: Automatic search
  • Support frequency: 50 -108 MHz
  • Demodulation method: FM
  • Size: 36×36×15 mm
  • Battery life: Using 220mah*2 batteries, can continuously listen for about 20 hours
  • Finished product weight: about 18g

About ic RDA5807

The RDA5807 is a highly versatile and efficient integrated circuit (IC) designed for use in radio frequency (RF) applications. This IC is commonly used in radio receiver modules and portable electronic devices such as smartphones, MP3 players, and portable radios. The RDA5807 offers excellent performance in terms of sensitivity, selectivity, and signal-to-noise ratio, making it ideal for receiving a wide range of radio frequencies. Additionally, it features low power consumption, making it suitable for battery-powered devices. Overall, the RDA5807 is a reliable and cost-effective solution for incorporating radio capabilities into various electronic devices.

Using RDA5807 integrated chip, simple circuit, built-in headphone driver, high reliability The voltage drop LDO part uses RT9013-30GB, high conversion efficiency, more stable The charging part uses TC4056, cheap price, fast charging.

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Mini radio based on RDA5807 is compact but powerful in functionality. The radio supports automatic search, with a frequency range of 50 -108 MHz and FM demodulation. The size is 36×36×15 mm, and the weight is only about 18g, making it very portable.

Using 220mah*2 batteries, it can continuously listen for about 20 hours, with excellent battery life. It uses the RDA5807 integrated chip, with a simple circuit high reliability, and a built-in headphone driver. The voltage drop LDO part uses RT9013-30GB, with high conversion efficiency and strong stability. The charging part uses TC4056, with a cheap price and fast charging speed, providing users with a convenient charging method. Overall, this Mini radio has good performance and portability, suitable for daily use.

BOM RDA5807 mini stereo FM radio circuit

Parts Value Description Quantity
R1 10kΩ R0603 – SMD resistor 1
R2 2kΩ R0603 – SMD resistor 1
R3 30kΩ R0603 – SMD resistor 1
C1 22uF C0805 – SMD capacitor 1
C2 24pF C0603 – SMD capacitor 1
C3,C4 100uF/10V SMD Electrolytic Capacitor D5xL5.4mm 2
C5,C9 100nF C0603 – SMD capacitor 2
C6 100nF C0805 – SMD capacitor 1
C7,C8 10uF C0805 – SMD capacitor 2
LED1 NCD0603R1 LED0603 – SMD LED 1
U1 RDA5807FP SOP-16 single-chip broadcast FM 1
U3 RT9013-30GB SOT-23-5 500mA 3V Positive Linear Voltage Regulator (LDO) 1
U9 TC4056A SOP-8 lithium battery charger 1
CN1 PJ-342B-TX-SMT Headphone Jack SMD 1
L1 100nH 1008 SMD Inductor 1
L2,L3 1uH SMD, 3×3×1.2 mm Power Inductor 2
SW6 SK12D07VG4 SPDT Slide Switch 1
U4,U5,U6,U7,U8 TS-1102S-C-A-B SPST SMD Tactile Switch 6 mm x 4.3 mm 5
U2 32.768kHz Crystal 1
USB1 TYPE-C 6P (073) 6P Female -Type-C SMD USB Connector 1

Download files, links, and notes

Rda5807 Mini Stereo Fm Radio Circuit Pcb 3D
Rda5807 Mini Stereo Fm Radio Circuit Pcb 3D

source: https://oshwhub.com/wfdgerfdfdf/RDA5807-based-Mini-radio-with-small-size-and-long-battery-life


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