SMD soldering training PCB functional circuits

SMD soldering training PCB functional circuit

SMD soldering training PCB functional circuits. Take your soldering skills to the next level with our SMD soldering training PCB functional circuits board! Practice welding techniques with comprehensive circuits and small circuits to test your skills. Corrected errors and added new challenges make this board perfect for beginners and electronic process welding teaching. Download the schematic and start practicing today!

Comprehensive welding practice board. Based on the official routine, most components have been replaced with patches and four small circuits have been added. During the welding process, it was found that the circuit of the power switch was connected incorrectly (already corrected).

Smd Soldering Training Pcb Functional Circuit
Smd Soldering Training Pcb Functional Circuit

There were problems in the implementation of the light control and sound control small circuits (already corrected but not very effective, need to calculate and allocate resistance values by yourself), the components of the 8-way DIP switch were misused and difficult to switch (already corrected), please refer to the attachment.

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Replicate the official routine of the Jialichuang EDA comprehensive welding practice board, add four small circuits on this basis, suitable for electronic novices to practice welding technology, suitable for electronic process welding teaching and practical training.

Schematic SMD soldering training PCB functional circuits

Schematic Smd Soldering Training Pcb Functional Circuits
Schematic Smd Soldering Training Pcb Functional Circuits
  • Circuit 1 — Capacitor charge/discharge test
  • Circuit 2 — Flow lamp display circuit
  • Circuit 3 — NE555+CD4017 Multi-Harmonic Oscillator Driver Circuit
  • Circuit 4 — 3.3V Linear Regulator Circuit
  • Circuit 5 — Voice-activated flash
  • Circuit 6  — Optical control circuit
  • Circuit 7  — LM358 Breathing Light Circuit

Bom SMD soldering training PCB functional circuits

Parts Value Description Quantity
PHOTORESISTANCE GT36528 SMD,2.4×3.6 mm Photoresistor 1
100K 100kΩ (104) TC33X 3 mm SMD Trimpot 1
200K 200k (204) R0603 – SMD Resistor 1
200R,200R1,200R2 200Ω (201) R0603 – SMD Resistor 3
R8,R14,R15 100kΩ (104) R0805 – SMD Resistor 3
R9,R10 10kΩ (103) R0805 – SMD Resistor 2
R11,R12,R13 47kΩ (473) R0805 – SMD Resistor 3
R16 100Ω (101) R0805 – SMD Resistor 1
R22 50Ω (500) R0805 – SMD Resistor 1
R23 10k (103) R0603 – SMD Resistor 1
R24 500k (504) R0603 – SMD Resistor 1
R25, R28,R29,U5,U6,U7,U8,U9,U10,U11 1k (102) R0603 – SMD Resistor 10
R26,R27 82kΩ (823) R0603 – SMD Resistor 2
RP1,RP2 50kΩ 3362 potentiometer 2
10UF,10UF,C18 10uF D5xL5.4 mm SMD Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor 3
C5 1uF C0805 – SMD ceramic capacitor 1
C6,C8 10uF C0805 – SMD ceramic capacitor 2
C7,C9 100nF C0805 – SMD ceramic capacitor 2
C10 47uF C0805 – SMD ceramic capacitor 1
C16,C17 100nf C0603 – SMD ceramic capacitor 2
C19,C20 10uF SMD,D4xL5.4mm Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor 2
C21 220uF SMD,D6.3xL7.7mm Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor 1
D8,D9,D10,D11,D12,D13,D14,D22 SS34 40V 3A SMA Schottky Barrier Diode 8
D23,D24,D25,D26,D27,D28,D29 1N5817W 20V 1A SOD-123 Schottky Barrier Diode 7
LED1,LED63,LED67 NCD0603R1 LED0603 SMD Red LED 3
KT-0805G LED0805 Emerald SMD LED 48
MIC1 GMI9750UP-2C40DB Electrect Microphone 1
Q3, Q5 FSS2301M 20V 2.8A 1W 90 mΩ P-Channel SOT-23 MOSFET 2
Q4 SS8050 25V 1.5A NPN SOT-23 Transistor 1
Q6,Q7, 9014 S9014 45V 100mA NPN SOT-23 Transistor 4
S9013 S9013 25V 500mA NPN SOT-23 Transistor 2
U1 NE555DR 100kHz SOP-8 Timer 1
U2 CD4017 SOP-16 Counter 1
U3 AMS1117-3.3 1A Fixed 3.3V Positive SOT-223-3 Linear Voltage Regulators (LDO) 1
U4 LM358 SOP-8 Operational Amplifier 1
H1,H2,H3,H4 M3 Screw column TH_BD4.7-D3.0 4
SW3,SW4 TS-1002S-06026C 6×6mm Tactile Switch 2
SW5 SS-3235S-L1 SMD Slide Switch 1
SW7 MST22D18G2 125 SMD Slide Switch 1
SW8 SMXS-04K-TP 4 bits SMD DIP Switch 1
U12 DSIC08LSGET 8Bit SPST 24V SMD DIP Switch 1
USB2 MicroXNJ Micro-B SMD USB Connector 1

Download files, links, and notes

Smd Soldering Training Pcb Functional Circuit Pcb 3D
Smd Soldering Training Pcb Functional Circuit Pcb 3D


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