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What’s new in Version 5.12

  • The manual and tutorial are now available in Chinese.
  • The EAGLE program texts have been translated to Hungarian (note that the texts provided by the Qt GUI library are not available in that language).
  • The EAGLE program texts have been translated to Chinese (note that the texts provided by the Qt GUI library are not available in that language).

User Language

  • The new User Language functions neterror(), netget() and netpost() can be used to access remote sites on the Internet.
  • The User Language function t2string() now has an optional format parameter.
  • The User Language now provides functions for processing XML code (see “Help/User Language/Builtins/Builtin Functions/XML Functions”).
  • The User Language function language() now by default returns “en” if no valid language code can be determined.
  • The new User Language function country() can be used to determine the country code of the current system (see “Help/User Language/Builtins/Builtin Functions/Miscellaneous Functions/country()”).
  • The image URL in the <img…> tag of HTML texts may now also be external (<img src=”http://…”>).
  • The new User Language dialog function dlgSelectionChanged() can be used to determine whether the current selection in a dlgListView or dlgListBox has changed.
  • The new User Language Program ‘designlink.ulp’ can be used to access Premier Farnell’s online product database. Note that currently the DesignLink server has problems delivering more than 50 search results at a time, and can only deliver the first 500 search results, even if it reports more than 500 hits for any given search.
  • The User Language dialog objects dlgTextView and dlgLabel now open external hyperlinks with the appropriate application program.
  • The width of a dlgComboBox is now automatically adjusted when the data in its string array is changed.
  • The new User Language functions cfgget() and cfgset() can be used to store parameters in the user’s eaglerc file.
  • The ‘Selected’ parameter of a dlgListView can now be initialized to -2 to make the first item according to the current sort column the selected one.


  • Reverted “Fixed calculating mask data for SMDs with a non-zero roundness” from version 5.7.0, because this caused apertures to be drawn that used to be flashed.
  • Hyperlinks contained in the descriptions of files or library objects are now opened with the appropriate application program.
  • Removed the remark on t/bPlace automatically selecting t/bNames etc. from the English version of the online help of the DISPLAY command (this was overlooked in version 4.92.3).

The EAGLE Layout Editor is an easy to use, yet powerful tool for designing printed circuit boards (PCBs). The name EAGLE is an acronym, which stands for

Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor

The program consists of three main modules

  • Layout Editor
  • Schematic Editor
  • Autorouter

which are embedded in a single user interface. Therefore there is no need for converting netlists between schematics and layouts.

Program Features (Professional Edition)


  • online Forward- and Back-Annotation
  • context sensitive help function
  • no hardware copy protection!
  • multiple windows for board, schematic and library
  • powerful User Language
  • integrated text editor
  • available for Windows, Linux and Mac

Layout Editor

  • maximum drawing area 1.6 x 1.6m (64 x 64 inch)
  • resolution 1/10,000mm (0.1 micron)
  • up to 16 signal layers
  • conventional and SMT parts
  • comes with a full set of part libraries
  • easily create your own parts with the fully integrated library editor
  • undo/redo function for ANY editing command, to any depth
  • script files for batch command execution
  • copper pouring
  • cut and paste function for copying entire sections of a drawing
  • design rule check
  • interactive Follow-me Router (requires the Autorouter module)

Schematic Editor

  • up to 999 sheets in one schematic
  • electrical rule check
  • gate and pinswap
  • create a board from a schematic with a single command


  • ripup&retry router
  • up to 16 signal layers
  • routing strategy driven by user definable cost factors

CAM Processor

  • Postscript
  • pen plotters
  • Gerber plotters
  • Excellon and Sieb&Meyer drill files
  • configurable through ASCII file for easy definition of your own output devices

System Requirements


  • Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7


  • Intel PC based Linux
  • Kernel version 2.6
  • X11 in at least 8bpp mode


  • Mac OS X 10.4 on PPC or Intel

Download cadsot Eagle 5.10 free Windows
Download Eagle

Download Cadsot Eagle 5.10 free Mac
Download Eagle

Download Cadsot Eagle 5.10 free Linux
Download Eagle



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