Download PSIM 2021b simulation software power electronic motor control

Download PSIM simulation software for power electronics and motor control, PSIM is a simulation software specifically designed for power electronics and motor control. With fast simulation and friendly user interface, PSIM provides a powerful simulation environment to address your simulation needs.

Download Psim 2021B Simulation Software Power Electronic Motor Control

The PSIM package consists of three parts: PSIM schematic program, PSIM Simulator, and waveform display program Simview.

PSIM provides an intuitive and easy-to-use graphic user interface for schematic editing. A circuit can be easily created and edited. Extensive on-line help is available for each component. To handle large systems, PSIM provides the subcircuit function which allows part of a circuit to be represented by a subcircuit block.

With its unique features in simulation speed, capability of handling power converter circuits of any size, and simulation of control circuits, PSIM is ideal for circuit-level and system-level simulation, control loop design, motor drive systems, and other dynamic system simulation.

Key Features

* Easy to Use:
PSIM is so easy to use that one hardly needs the User Manual to use the software. Even without prior experience with CAD software, one could start building a circuit and obtaining results in minutes.

* Fast Simulation:
PSIM is one of the fastest simulators for power electronics simulation. It achieves fast simulation while retaining excellent simulation accuracy. This makes it particularly efficient in simulating converter systems of any size, and performing multiple-cycle simulation.

* Flexible Control Representation:
PSIM can simulate control circuit in various forms: in analog circuit, s-domain transfer function block diagram, z-domain transfer function block diagram, custom C code, or in Matlab/Simulink. PSIM’s control library provides a comprehensive list of components and function blocks, and makes it possible to build virtually any control schemes quickly and conveniently.

* Frequency Response Analysis (ac sweep):
While almost all the simulation software require that a switchmode circuit be represented by an average model first before performing ac analysis, PSIM can perform ac analysis even if the circuit is in switchmode. This feature greatly reduces the time required to obtain frequency response.

* Co-simulation with Matlab/Simulink:
PSIM can perform co-simulation with Matlab/Simulink. This feature allows users to make full use of PSIM and Matlab/Simulink in a complementary way.

* Comprehensive Motor Drive Library:
PSIM provides a comprehensive library for motor drive system studies. Commonly used electric machine models and mechanical load models are available. With the Motor Drive Module, PSIM provides an easy and effective way of modeling and simulating motor drive systems.

* Digital Control System Simulation:
PSIM can simulate control systems in z-domain. It can be used to simulate the performance of digital control loops, study digital filters, and evaluate various effects in digital control, such as truncation errors, sampling/hold delay, and computational delay.

* Dynamic Link to Finite Element Analysis Software:
PSIM can link to the finite element analysis software JMAG through the MagCoupler Module. JMAG is a finite element analysis software for electromagnetic field analysis. With this link, the power converter and control part of a system can be implemented and simulated in PSIM, and electric machines and other magnetic devices can be implemented and simulated in JMAG.

* Custom C/C++ Code:
PSIM supports DLL (dynamic link library) blocks, which allows users to link custom C code to PSIM. This feature greatly enhance PSIM’s flexibility and capability. One can, for example, use PSIM to represent the power stage, write the control scheme in C, and interact control with the power stage via DLL. This allows one to test the performance of a control scheme for microprocessors/DSP implementation with the minimum effort.

* Built-in Power and Control Blocks:
To facilitate the circuit setup, commonly used blocks such as three-phase converter bridges, transformers, abc-dqo transformation blocks, filters, etc. are provided in PSIM. This not only speeds up the circuit creation/editing, but also simplifies the control circuitry.

Download Psim 2021B Simulation Software Power Electronic Motor Control

Download PSIM 2021b simulation software power electronic motor control

Download PSIM Demo

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