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Hello Visitor who is interested in electronics and is interested in writing articles focused on technology and especially electronics, the blog Xtronic.org is looking for new authors. It is a good opportunity to write something interesting and expose your name.

To register follow the link:
To register follow the link

It just takes a little bit of knowledge about text editors to be able to write the articles using the WordPress editor itself (similar to Word).

Articles must be related to the content of the website, electronics, circuits and technology.
If you have doubts on how to use the blog resources I will be happy to help.

In order to avoid spammers’ laughter, all users will be registered as a collaborator (you can write more and not leave the article visible) and as soon as you write your first article you will go on to author status, which gives you the right to write and post your articles right away.

What to write: It can be a circuit, a tip, a news story, a tutorial, a video related to electronics, your adventures in the world of DIY, photos of a circuit on the website you have set up, review of a product geared towards electronics, always respecting copyright.

By becoming a collaborator, in xtronic.org you agree to our next contributor to the policy:

1- It is forbidden to publish content of a Pornographic, Racist, Abusive, Threatening, Obscene, Defamatory nature, or Issues that violate any of the local or International Laws, or even, that Harm Others in any way.

2- As a Contributor, you agree that the Articles Should Be Written by You. We will not accept articles “copied” or “plagiarized” from other sources, we will not accept articles totally the same as those published on your Blog as it can generate “Duplicate Content”. If you want to publish an article that is already on your Blog, try to rewrite the article with other words and / or another point of view, so that the article published here is not a literal copy of your Blog article.

3- As a Contributor you will not receive any amount of money at least for now.

4- Your participation as a collaborator will be highlighted on each page of your published article. In addition to its disclosure, it helps to enhance your Networking through the Network, thus generating more Contacts and Business for you and your Company.

5- The Contributor has no obligation and no employment relationship with the site, with no need for payments of any kind related to financial charges under the law category.

6- If there is no type of Link, you are free to collaborate as you wish and if you are no longer a Contributor, there is no need for News or Any Payment to the Site. The Policy under the Advertising Division will always be in effect and may be changed at any time. Always refer to this Contributor Policy.

7- All articles published on Xtronic.org by the collaborators are the exclusive responsibility of their authors, including the spelling, style and language used. All articles will be revised before Publication on the Site, as well as being subject to changes to fit this Policy.

8- The Site does not guarantee any financial return from its Article (s).

9- The Contributor does not participate and has no obligations related to the charges to keep the website up and running. These costs are the responsibility of the Owners.

10- It was found that in an article published by the contributor, it copied or plagiarized from some other source, that the original article was not used only as a source of information, the site may exclude the article in question.

11- As a Contributor, you agree that the Content of your Articles may be shared under the licenses of “Creative Commons 3.0—BY-SA”: Expanding through several media channels (among all), as long as the Original Author Attribution is maintained and is not understanding for commercial purposes.

12- As a Contributor, your Investigation, and Intervention will, if necessary, be made by Copies without Attribution of your authorship.

13- As a Contributor, you must complete all your Registration on the Site. Thus, you are aware that your Articles may be barred from Publication on the Site, if your Registration is incomplete (Including your Photo). After having your first article approved, you will be officially a collaborator, so you can post other articles whenever you want. Your System Access Data is personal and non-transferable, and it is up to you to look after it as well as your other access passwords.

14- These terms may change without news, we indicate your consultation periodically at the same email address.

15 – By registering on our website as a collaborator, you state that you have read and understood all the rules of Xtronic.org Contributor policy.

In addition to these terms of use for collaborator, our

To register follow the link:
To register follow the link

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