Download Book Beginners Electronics Guide by Martin T. Pickering


Download Book Beginners Electronics Guide by Martin T. Pickering, easier to understand than anything you’ve read previously!

This eBook gives simplified explanations of how some electronic components work in a circuit. It also gives practical examples of building 2 simple projects. The physics isn’t complex and it doesn’t attempt to explain the ins and outs of “electrons”, “atoms” and such like. Instead, it will give you an understanding of what the components currently do, so you can immediately begin to design your own simple circuits. The book may be copied as many times as required within an educational system.

Download Book Beginners Electronics Guide
Download Book Beginners Electronics Guide

I first became interested in electronics when I was age 10 (as long ago as 1961). In those days, transistors were only just being introduced and most equipment still used thermionic valves or “tubes” as the Americans would call them. Much of my learning was by practical experiment. I blew my Dad up only once by connecting 350 volt capacitors the wrong way round; electrocuted the window cleaner (but not fatally) and gave myself several high voltage shocks during the learning experience.

This is not to be recommended so just remember that voltages in excess of 50 volts can be painful, if not downright dangerous. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my book. I guarantee it will be more interesting than any previous electronics course at school or college and you’ll understand how the components work after just a few minutes – not the fifteen years it took me to get a grip on it!

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Martin has a knack of explaining technical subjects in simple language. Components covered include resistors, diodes, transistors, and capacitors.
As an example, it describes in detail how to build a flashing LED circuit on perforated stripboard (“Veroboard”) with a photograph of every stage.
This is NOT just another boring technical eBook full of mathematical equations. You’ll like it! Ideal for everyone from the young student to the retired lady looking for a new hobby. You’ll definitely want more!

FREE – Beginners Guide to Electronics

Download Book Beginners Electronics Guide by Martin T. Pickering

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