How Make A Wooden Fm Transmitter - Circuit Fm Transmitter Mount Unusual - A Piece Of Wood With Nails - No Pcb And Solder

How make a wooden FM Transmitter – No pcb and solder

In this video we are showing you how to make a FM transmitter Bug using 2 transistors and a wood circuit board.

The reason for author make FM transmitter this from wood is because  people that can not make there own circuit boards ,can not solder or can not find the capacitor trimmer for adjusting the frequency, well good news this FM transmitter can do without all that ! so i made the circuit board from nails and wood!

This FM transmitter Bug is very easy to build.

Parts used:
Home made wood circuit board !!!
2N3904 transistors x 2
1nf ceramic capacitor
100nf ceramic capacitor
10pf ceramic capacitor
33pf ceramic capacitor
22nf ceramic capacitor x 2
1 – 5p to 30p air trimmer
470R resistor
10K resistor
47K resistor
68K resistor
1M resistor
10mm Mic
175cm antenna
Battery Plug
Some solder

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