TDA2822 amplifier circuit diagram stereo 2x 1W

Circuit power audio amplifier stereo 2x 1 watts tda2822 - Dual low-voltage power amplifier With PCB

TDA2822 amplifier circuit diagram stereo 2x 1W, TDA2822 is an ideal Op amp for low output applications. It is a good choice as a preamplifier in stereo high power amplifier circuits. It has two inputs and two outputs which can deliver 250 milli watts output power. The amplifier circuit within the IC is well set for noise free operation. Outputs can be directly coupled to the speakers through the decoupling capacitors.

Schematic amplifier dual (stereo) – TDA2822

Tda2822 Amplifier Circuit Diagram Stereo 2X 1W

Suggested PCB

Printed Circuit Board Pcb Tda2822 Amplifier Circuit Diagram Stereo 2X 1W
Printed Circuit Board Pcb Component Silk Tda2822 Amplifier Circuit Diagram Stereo 2X 1W
Printed Circuit Board Pcb Component View Tda2822 Amplifier Circuit Diagram Stereo 2X 1W

Characteristics for tda2822

  • supply voltage down to 1.8v
  • low crossover distortion
  • low quiescent current
  • bridge or stereo configuration

The TDA2822M is a monolithic integrated circuit in 8 lead Minidip package. It is intended for use as dual audio power amplifier in portable  radios.

BOM to assemble the amplifier.

Last Update: 07/08/2021 14:41

Part Value Description Quantity
Resistors 1/4W 5%
P1 10K 10K Potentiometer (103) 1
R3, R4 4.7 Yellow, violet, red, gold. 2
R3, R4 10K Brown, black, orange, gold. 2
C1, C2 10uF/16V Electrolytic Capacitor 2
C3, C8, C9 100nF Ceramic Capacitor or Film 3
C4, C5, C10 100uF/16V Electrolytic Capacitor 3
C6, C7 470uF/16V Electrolytic Capacitor 2
IC1 TDA2822 Audio amplified integrated circuit. 1
CN1 IN (Audio Input) Terminal block 3 pin 5.08 mm 1
CN2 VCC (Power Supply) Terminal block 2 pin 5.08 mm 1
CN3 OUT (Audio Output) Terminal block 3 pin 5.08 mm 1
Solder, Wires, PCB, Case, Power Supply, etc.

The power supply for this circuit can be from batteries or a power supply of 3 to 12 volts for 1 ampere, if necessary put a heat sink on the integrated circuit, for details see the IC datasheet.

Download the files of this assembly, including the printed circuit board in PDF, PNG, Postscript and Gerber.

Download Eagle Files

Download Files


TDA2822 datasheet em PDFST Micro electronics


Datasheet em PDF Hg Semi

This IC is evaluatable as TDA2822m, tda2822l, tda2822d and tda2822a and TDA2822H

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  1. i tried to make this one, and partly it succeeded, i have to much of ground noise, how can i eliminate that?
    i dont have a potentiometer at hand so i did hook it up directly wonder if the ground noise is related or not, and if related, is there a way to use this circuit without an potentiometer? i would like to hook directly in and have an out so that there is no volume control

  2. Good morning, sir.

    I would just like to ask: is there a way to make this amplifier have a 2 x 2 watts output?

    I’m not an electrician and I know very little about electronic circuits so I would appreciate it very much if you could assist me with this regard.

    Thank you very much.


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