Circuit adjustable bass filter from 50 Hz to 150 Hz NE5532

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This is a bass filter, using the OpAmp Ne5532 or another of your choice.

The circuit is simple to set up and already has symmetrical power supply, the transformer must use 9-12 volts / 500ma with center tap … In many cases the power source can be made by the power amplifier … Just watch out for the limit supported by the voltage regulators.

The circuit has two pots, one for volume adjustment and another to adjust the filter cutoff frequency of 50 to 150Hz, if you need to install the pots in a panel, use shielded wires to make connections.

Circuit diagram of preamplifier with bass filter using Operational Amplifier 5532

Ne5532 Bass, Subwoofer Filter Schematic
Ne5532 Bass, Subwoofer Filter Schematic

Suggested printed circuit board for mounting the Bass filter circuit for Sub-woofer with volume and frequency adjust

Ne5532 Bass, Subwoofer Filter Pcb
Ne5532 Bass, Subwoofer Filter Pcb
Ne5532 Bass, Subwoofer Filter Pcb Layout
Ne5532 Bass, Subwoofer Filter Pcb Layout
Ne5532 Bass, Subwoofer Filter Pcb Silk
Ne5532 Bass, Subwoofer Filter Pcb Silk
Component Valor
Resistors 1/4 Watts 5%
R1 8.2k – Grey, Red, Red, Gold
R2,R8 150k – Brown, Green, Yellow, Gold
R3 15k – Brown, Green, Orange, Gold
R4 1k – Brown, Black, Red, Gold
R5, R6 22k – Red, Red, Orange, Gold
R7, R9 10K – Brown, Black, Orange, Gold
C1, C5, C6, C10 10n/100V – Capacitor polyester
C2, c9 2200µF/25V – Capacitor electrolytic
C3, C7 220n /100v- Capacitor polyester
C4, C8 100µF /25V – Capacitor electrolytic
C11, C12,C14, C15 47n/100V – Capacitor polyester
C13 22µF/25V – Capacitor electrolytic
D1, C2, D3, D4 1N4004 or equivalent – Silicon Rectifier Diode
IC1 7912 – Integrated circuit voltage regulator negative -12 volt
IC2 7812 – Integrated circuit voltage regulator positive +12 volt
IC3 NE5532N or equivalent dual operational amplifier
AC Connector for 9 ~12 Volts transformer with center tap
IN Input connector for stereo audio
OUT Connector to the sub-woofer amplifier
P1 47k – Potentiometer for volume control
P2 47K – Double potentiometer to adjust the cutoff frequency
Solder, wire, PCB, Knob for pots, box, transformer 9-12 Volts / 500mA, etc..

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47 thoughts on “Circuit adjustable bass filter from 50 Hz to 150 Hz NE5532”

  1. hi, don’t panic just remove the ac to dc converter part and connect pin 8 to postive and 4 to negative
    terminal of the battery

  2. A little correction needed in semiconductor parts list.
    Kindly ammend these 7812 is a +12Vdc regulator & 7912 is a -12Vdc regulator IC.
    Circuit is perfect & working very well.
    Thanks to Mr Toni for giving us such a nice n excellent performing circuit.
    Regards Kashif.

  3. How can i use this filter in my car because the problem is power supply the car battery have only 12v and gnd not a 12-0-12 plzz help me sir plz plz

  4. firstly i said-english is not my native language.ok
    i made this…
    good…nice working..i like it.
    thank you toni…
    Can you give me a 5.1 surround soud decoder circuit.,please…
    (send it to my email)

  5. the signal on the 5th pin is ok but the o/p of the 7th pin of op amp is showing heavy noise i tried NE5532 p and LM833an but both shows this noise…how it can be corrected? siganl fed was from the signal geanerator not the real audio.

  6. Solder, wire, PCI, Knob for pots, box, transformer 9-12 Volts / 500mA, etc..

    Is 12v is the vct of the transformer??
    or 12-0-12 ?(ie vct =24v).

  7. This is the best one I’ve ever used. Thank u so much. Could u please do me a favour. Can u design a 5.1 channel good quality filter, so that i can use that wit one of ur best power amplifiers


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