Stereo Power audio amplifier with TDA7297 – 2 x 15 Watts

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complete stereo amplifier circuit including printed circuit board to power of 2 X 15 Watts. Using minimum of components in the integrated circuit TDa7297 ST Microelectronics. This IC presents in its interior two bridge amplifiers, making it useful for use where a stereo amplifier need easy assembly. may operate with voltages 6-18 volts and has protection against excess temperature.

About the TDA7297 – 15+15w dual bridge amplifier

  • Wide supply voltage range (6v -18v)
  • minimum external components
  • no svr capacitor
  • no bootstrap
  • no boucherot cells
  • internally fixed gain
  • stand-by & mute functions
  • short circuit protection
  • thermal overload protection

Schematic of the amplifier using TDA7297 or TDA7297SA

Power amplifier TDA7297 schematic
Power amplifier TDA7297 schematic

Suggested printed circuit board (PCB) for the power audio amplifier

Power amplifier TDA7297 PCB
Power amplifier TDA7297 PCB
Power amplifier TDA7297 PCB layout
Power amplifier TDA7297 PCB layout
Power amplifier TDA7297 PCB silk
Power amplifier TDA7297 PCB silk

 List of material for mounting the circuit TDA7297

Resistor’s 1/4 W 5%
R11.5K – Brown, Green, Red, Gold
R2, R347K – Yellow, Violet, Orange, Gold
C12200µF/25V – Polarized Electrolytic Capacitor
C2100nF/250V – capacitor polyester
C310µF/25V – Polarized Electrolytic Capacitor
C4220nF /100V – capacitor polyester
C5220nF /100V – capacitor polyester
IC1TDA7297 or TDA7297SA – Integrated circuit audio amplifier stereo bridge – ST Microelectronics
VCCConnector power supply
INAudio input connector
OUT1Audio output 1 connector
OUT2Audio output2  connector
J1J12MM -Piece of wire 12mm
P150K – Double logarithmic potentiometer
Wire, PCB, Box, power supply 9-18 Volts / 2 Amps *, etc..

Download the PDF files to mount the amplifier – Datasheet Tda7297 the PCB, PCB layout components, PCB Silk and Schematic.
Download PDF      Mirror

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29 thoughts on “Stereo Power audio amplifier with TDA7297 – 2 x 15 Watts”

  1. As far as I can tell, the datasheet for the TDA7297 does not specify if the electrical ratings are per channel or the total of both channels combined. Admittedly, I am relatively new to all of this, so perhaps my specific question is as follows:

    I have a collection of speakers ranging from 2(Ohm) – 16(Ohm), 1(Watt) – 40(W), and everything in between.

    If the suggested rating of 8-Ohms is per channel (8-Ohms for one channel, 8-Ohms for the other, and in no way affected by changes in the other), then my options for how to safely connect the speakers would be completely different than if the suggested rating of 8-Ohms is referring to the combined total from BOTH channels.
    I am trying to figure out how to evenly spread the load over the two channels and this is impossible to do without knowing if I am going to fry the chip if I, for instance try bridging the two output channels into a series/parallel speaker circuit (to average out differing speaker impedences, etc…)

  2. Hi,

    I have built the amp as per diagram and is working.
    The problem that I am having is the the heat sink is getting too hot, I am concerned burning the I.C.

    Do you have any pointers that I can look at to resolve this issue?

    Thank you

  3. Really nice circuit. I satisfied with it’s performance.
    My question is that, why 220nF capacitors are used to input of TDA7297?

  4. Ensamble uno pero Distorziona el amplificador
    Aunque a bajo volumen. Que puede ser?
    Prove con varios algunos alimentadores de 1.5 A 2A a 12 volst

  5. pl send me pcb ( with out components ) IAM IN INDIA IF IT IS POSIBLE .SO THAT ICAN GIVE YOU MY ADDRES



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