TDA2616 or TDA1521 audio power amplifier module

TDA2616 TDA1521 audio power amplifier module

TDA2616 or TDA1521 audio power amplifier module with Bluetooth. This is a desktop HiFi speaker power amplifier board that can drive speakers below 6.5 inches. It can use TDA2616 or TDA1521 chips and can choose between OTL and OCL connection methods based on the secondary voltage output of your transformer. The effect is excellent.


About IC TDA2616 TDA2616q

The IC TDA2616 is a stereo audio amplifier integrated circuit that is commonly used in audio amplification applications. It is designed to deliver high-quality sound output with low distortion and noise levels. The IC has a maximum output power of 2 × 12 watts, making it suitable for a range of audio devices such as radios, TVs, and small stereo systems. It operates on a single power supply voltage of 9 to 15 volts, making it easy to integrate into various electronic circuits. The TDA2616 features short circuit and thermal overload protection, ensuring safe and reliable operation. Its compact size and minimal external component requirements make it a popular choice for audio amplification needs.

About IC TDa1521 TDa1521q

The IC TDa1521 is a versatile-integrated circuit commonly used in audio amplifier applications. It is known for its high-quality sound reproduction and efficient performance. This IC is designed to deliver a maximum output power of 2 × 24 Watts, making it suitable for various audio systems such as stereo amplifiers, portable speakers, and car audio systems. The TDa1521 features a built-in thermal protection mechanism that prevents overheating and ensures the longevity of the device. Its low distortion and noise levels make it an ideal choice for amplifying audio signals with clarity and precision. Overall, the IC TDa1521 is a reliable and cost-effective solution for audio amplification needs.

Schematic TDA2616 or TDA1521 audio power amplifier module

Schematic Tda2616 Tda1521 Audio Power Amplifier Module

About the circuit

  • Power Supply amplifier: AC dual 9V — 12V or AC single 12 — 21V
  • Power Bluetooth module: Single AC 6 — 12V
  • TDA1512Q max power: 2x 15W
  • TDA2616 max power: 2x 12W

In the P4 connector (Bluetooth/AUX), connect a switch to turn on and off the Bluetooth module, switching between Bluetooth audio and auxiliary input. H1 is the audio input connector (AUX IN).


About DIY Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Receiver

The Bluetooth Audio Receiver V1.3 is an electronic module created to allow the playback of various music and sounds received via Bluetooth 4.0 from a smartphone, for example, in a wide range of sound systems. For greater convenience, it features a simplified connection structure, with the pins including 5V, GND, L, R, MUTE, and LED, which have already soldered pins, eliminating the need for soldering in these locations.

The connection is simple: just provide 5V DC to the “5V” pin, connect the GND pin to the negative side of the power source (remembering that the module’s GND will be common to the speaker and the LED), connect the speakers or amplifier to the “R,” “L,” and “GND” pins (remember to use the accompanying capacitors in series with the L and R pins), and connect the resistor and LED that come with it to the “LED” pin (the LED flashes when active and stays on continuously when the smartphone is paired).

Diy Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Receiver 1.3

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Bom TDA2616 or TDA1521 audio power amplifier module

Name Designator Footprint Quantity
10K PR_LED1 Brown, black, orange, gold 1
8.2R/1W R1,R2 Gray, red, gold, gold 2
100R R3 Brown, black, yellow, gold 1
47R R4 Yellow, violet, black, gold 1
0R R5 Black 1
GBJ2510 or equivalent D1 5A 600V KBJ Bridge Rectifiers 1
1N4148 D2 Switching Diode 1
DB107S D3 1A 1kV DBS Bridge Rectifiers 1
TDA2616/TDA1521 U1 SOT131-2V 1
LM7805 U2 TO-220-3Positive 5V voltage regulator 1
Bluetooth module H2 DIY Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Receiver 1
Power LED LED1 LED 3 mm Red 1
Bluetooth LED LED2 LED 3 mm Red 1
6800uF/25v C1,C2 Electrolytic capacitor 2
100uF/25V C3,C4 Electrolytic capacitor 2
100n C15,C17,C5 Ceramic capacitor 3
0.47uf (474) C6,C7 Film capacitor 2
100uF/25V C8 Electrolytic capacitor 1
220n C10,C11 Film capacitor 2
100uF/16v C12 Electrolytic capacitor 1
680uF/25V C13,C14 Electrolytic capacitor 2
680uF/16V C16 Electrolytic capacitor 1
5.08-02P CN1 Terminal Blocks – Wire to Board P=5.08mm 1
5.08-02P CN2 Terminal Blocks – Wire to Board P=5.08mm 1
Rout P1 Terminal Blocks – Wire to Board P=5.08mm 1
Lout P2 Terminal Blocks – Wire to Board P=5.08mm 1
AC 6-15V P3 Terminal Blocks – Wire to Board P=5.08mm 1
AUX IN H1 Connector 3 Ways 2.54 mm 1
G5V-2-H1 K1 Signal Relays Onrom G5V-2-H1 DC5 or equivalent 1
P4 Bluetooth/AUX Connector 2 Ways 2.54 mm 1
P5 Bluetooth Led Connector 2 Ways 2.54 mm (optional) 1
P6 Power Led Connector 2 Ways 2.54 mm (optional) 1
33UH L1 0805 – SMD inductor 1

Download files, links, and notes

Tda2616 Tda1521 Audio Power Amplifier Module Pcb

Download PCB in Gerber, PDF, PNG, SVG



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