TPA3128D2: Compact and Efficient D-Class Amplifier Module

TPA3128D2 D-class power amplifier module

The TPA3128D2 is a highly efficient, stereo Class D audio amplifier that offers exceptional performance in a compact package. It is designed to deliver high-quality sound with low distortion and low-power consumption, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of audio applications.

Featuring a robust architecture, the TPA3128D2 incorporates advanced protection features such as output short-circuit protection, thermal shutdown, and overvoltage protection, ensuring reliable and safe operation even in demanding environments. These protections safeguard the amplifier and help to extend the lifespan of connected speakers.

One of the standout features of the TPA3128D2 is its high efficiency, which can reach up to 90%. This efficiency translates into less wasted energy and reduced heat dissipation, allowing for a more compact and cost-effective design. This makes it an excellent choice for portable audio devices, where power efficiency is crucial for prolonged battery life.

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Tpa3128D2 D-Class Power Amplifier Module Audio
Tpa3128D2 D-Class Power Amplifier Module Audio

In addition to its efficiency, the TPA3128D2 offers a wide dynamic range and a high signal-to-noise ratio, resulting in clear and immersive audio reproduction. It supports a wide range of input signals, from line-level to digitally encoded audio, making it compatible with various audio sources.

The TPA3128D2 also provides flexibility in system design, thanks to its adjustable gain settings and integrated volume control. This allows for easy customization of the audio output to suit different speaker configurations and user preferences.

Furthermore, the TPA3128D2 boasts low distortion levels, ensuring that the audio output retains its fidelity and remains true to the original source. This makes it an exceptional choice for audio enthusiasts and professionals who demand accurate and high-quality sound reproduction.

Overall, the TPA3128D2 is a versatile, efficient, and reliable audio amplifier that excels in delivering exceptional audio performance. Its compact size, robust protection features, and high efficiency make it suitable for a wide range of applications, including portable audio devices, home theater systems, automotive audio systems, and more.

Overall, the TPA3128D2 D-class power amplifier module offers exceptional audio performance, flexibility, and reliability, making it an excellent choice for audio enthusiasts and professionals seeking to enhance their audio systems’ capabilities.

D-class power amplifier module used for TPA3128D2 or other pin2pin compatible chips (heatsink soldered down).

R1\R2, R3\R4, and several surface mount jumper pads are responsible for configuring the switch frequency and power limits of the IC. Please refer to the chip datasheet for details. The filtering inductor should use a 10uH inductor wound around a T68-2 ferrite core.

For a switch frequency of 400kHz, it is recommended to use a 1uF output filtering capacitor. For frequencies of 500kHz and 600kHz, a 0.68uF capacitor is recommended.

The heat sink is a 28×14×11 mm size with adhesive, available on AliExpress. The power amplifier input uses a pseudo-differential connection method to effectively suppress noise caused by ground loops.

TPA3128D2 D-class power amplifier module, TPA3128D2 is a highly efficient and compact D-class power amplifier module. This module is specifically designed to enhance audio performance in various applications, such as home theater systems, automotive audio systems, and portable audio devices.

The TPA3128D2 module utilizes advanced digital signal processing techniques to deliver exceptional audio quality with minimal power consumption. Its integrated architecture incorporates a high-performance digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and a powerful Class-D amplifier, allowing for precise and efficient amplification of audio signals.

Schematic TPA3128D2 D-class power amplifier module TPA3128

Schematic Tpa3128D2 D-Class Power Amplifier Module
Schematic Tpa3128D2 D-Class Power Amplifier Module

One of the key features of the TPA3128D2 module is its high output power capability, which enables it to drive speakers with a wide range of impedance. This versatility makes it suitable for various audio setups, ensuring optimal performance in different environments.

Additionally, this module offers built-in protection features to safeguard against potential damage or distortion. It includes thermal shutdown and over-current protection circuits, which prevent overheating and overloading of the amplifier, thereby ensuring long-term reliability and durability.

Furthermore, the TPA3128D2 module supports multiple input options, including analog and digital inputs, enabling seamless integration with various audio sources. It also provides flexible control options through its digital interface, allowing users to adjust audio settings and optimize sound reproduction according to their preferences.

The compact size and efficient design of the TPA3128D2 module make it an ideal choice for space-constrained applications. Its low-power consumption and high efficiency contribute to energy savings and prolonged battery life in portable devices.

tpa3128d2dapr, tpa3128d2, tpa3128d2evm

Bom TPA3128D2 D-class power amplifier module TPA3128

Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1k (102) R1,R2,R3,R4,R5,R10 0603 6
100k (104) R6,R8,R9 0603 3
100 (101) R7 0603 1
10k (103) R11,R12 0603 2
3.3 (3r3) R13,R14,R15,R16 0805 4
0.22u C1,C2,C3,C4 0603 – Ceramic capacitor 4
0.68uF C5,C6,C7,C8 Film capacitor P=10mm 4
470uF/35V C9,C10,C18,C19 Electrolytic capacitor 4
0.1u C11,C20 0805 – Ceramic capacitor 2
0.1u C12,C13,C22,C23,C24 0603 – Ceramic capacitor 5
1u C14,C15,C16,C17 1206 – Ceramic capacitor 4
1u C21 0603 – Ceramic capacitor 1
1n C25,C26,C31,C32 0603 – Ceramic capacitor 4
10n C27,C28,C29,C30 0603 – Ceramic capacitor 4
1N4148W D1 SOD-123 – Diode 1
LED-0603_B LED1 LED0603 – Blue LED 1
LED-0603_R LED2 LED0603 – Red LED 1
TPA3128D2DAP U1 DAP32 – D-class power amplifier 1
SS-3336D-02-L3 SW1 XKB Connectivity SS-3336D-02-L3 1
PJ-3136-B CN1 PJ-3136-B 1
10uH L1,L2,L3,L4 T68-2A – 10UH – Inductor 4
CONN-TH_2P-P5.08 P1,P2,P3 CONN-TH_2P-P5.08 – Terminal block 5.08 mm 3


Download files, PCB in PDF, Gerber



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