MP2451 2MHz step-down switching regulator MP2451DT

MP2451 2MHz step-down switching regulator MP2451DT

The MP2451 is a high frequency (2MHz) step-down switching regulator with integrated internal high-side high voltage power MOSFET. It provides single 0.6A (or less) highly efficient output with current mode control for fast loop response. The wide 3.3V to 36V input range accommodates a variety of step-down applications in automotive input environment. A 1μA shutdown mode quiescent current allows use in battery-powered applications. High power conversion efficiency over a wide load range is achieved by scaling down the switching frequency at light load condition to reduce the switching and gate driving losses. Frequency fold-back helps prevent inductor current runaway during start-up. Thermal shutdown provides reliable, fault-tolerant operation. The MP2451 is available in the cost-effective SOT23-6 and TSOT23-6 packages.

Schematic MP2451 2MHz step-down switching voltage regulator MP2451DT

About step-down switching voltage regulator

A step-down switching voltage regulator is a type of power supply that efficiently converts a higher input voltage to a lower output voltage. This type of regulator works by rapidly turning the input voltage on and off, thereby controlling the amount of power delivered to the output. Step-down switching regulators are commonly used in electronic devices where a stable and precise voltage supply is needed, such as in computers, smartphones, and other portable electronic devices. These regulators are known for their high efficiency, compact size, and ability to handle a wide range of input voltages, making them a popular choice for many applications.

Features & Benefits

  • 130μA Operating Quiescent Current
  • Wide 3.3V to 36V Operating Input Range
  • 500 mΩ Internal Power MOSFET
  • 2MHz fixed Switching Frequency
  • Internally compensated
  • Stable with Ceramic Output Capacitors
  • Internal Soft-Start
  • Precision Current Limit Without Current Sensing Resistor
  • > 90% Efficiency
  • Output Adjustable from +0.8V to 0.8xVIN
  • 3μA Low Shutdown Supply Current
  • SOT23-6 and TSOT23-6 Packages


  • High Voltage Power Conversion
  • Automotive Systems
  • Industrial Power Systems
  • Distributed Power Systems
  • Battery Powered Systems

Bom MP2451 2MHz step-down switching regulator MP2451DT

Part Value Description Quantity
C1 10uF C1206 — SMD capacitor 1
C2 47uF C1206 — SMD capacitor 1
C3,C5 0.1uF C0805 — SMD capacitor 2
C4 20pF C0805 — SMD capacitor 1
D1 SS14 SMA — Schottky Barrier Diodes 1
D2 1N4007 SMA — Diode — General Purpose 1
U3 MP2451 Step-down type Adjustable 600mA 800mV~28.8V 3.3V~36V TSOT-23-6L DC-DC Converters 1
LED1 NCD0805R1 LED0805 Red 1
R1 20K (203) R0805 — SMD resistor 1
R2 100K (104) R0805 — SMD resistor 1
R3 75K (753) R0805 — SMD resistor 1
R4 24K (243) R0805 — SMD resistor 1
R5 150 (151) R0805 — SMD resistor 1
F1 JK-nSMD050-30 30V 500mA 1206 Resettable Fuses 1
H1,H2 B-2100S02P-A110 2.54 mm Pin Headers 2
L1, L2 4.7uH 500mA L0805 — SMD inductor 2

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