Download CoilBuilder_99 coil calculator

Download CoilBuilder_99 Qrp home builder series free coil calculator

Download CoilBuilder_99 Qrp home builder series free coil calculator, CoilBuilder_99 is a powdered iron inductor winding application. Enter desired inductance, select core size and mix and press the Calculate button to determine the correct number of windings for your inductor. Data is also given showing, core color, permeability, frequency range, AL value and maximum number of turns versus wire guage for the chosen core size. Encompasses 12 different core sizes and 8 different mixes of powdered iron. Calculated results can be stored on a disk file or printed out.

Download Coilbuilder_99 Qrp Home Builder Series Free Coil Calculator
Download Coilbuilder_99 Coil Calculator

Operational Notes CoilBuilder_99 coil calculator:

Inductance range 0.5–125 microhenries.
Entry limited to 5 characters, which must only be numbers or a decimal point.
The output editor can be used for adding notes etc. Please note that it will only hold a maximum of 10000 bytes worth of data. After 10000 bytes it will not accept anymore calculated data and there will be no error message.
Save data in files that are less than the 10000 byte maximum.
Status bar is used for the clock and to display any currently open file and
its size in bytes.
The user interface is quite intuitive, however a few points maybe mentioned:
The Copy/Cut/Paste buttons are clipboard functions and these and more functions
maybe also accessed by right-clicking the mouse when over the output display
The Wire Data button dumps the maximum wire guage versus core size data into the main output display.
The Clear File button can be used to close the currently opened file if the user wishes to do so.
Here are some inductor winding tips from W7ZOI passed on during Beta testing:

  • Turns are counted by adding one for each pass through the core. Sounds trite,
  • but folks come to other conclusions when looking at traditional solenoid coils with fractional N ability. Toroids only have whole number of turns.  Highest Q comes with largest wire, but only if you can get the wire on the core.
  • Air gaps degrade Q and stability. If the program tells you you need 10.8 turns, use 10 and a wire size that will allow some compression.  You can then compress turns to hit the L right on.

Download CoilBuilder_99 coil calculator

Download CoilBuilder_99

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