Download NPN DC-BIAS calculator voltage divider bias

Download NPN DC-BIAS calculator voltage divider bias NPN bipolar transistor. This program calculates the various voltages and currents of a simple voltage divider bias NPN bipolar transistor amp. The following is calculated: IB, IC, IE, VE, VB, VC, VCE and detection of Saturation or Cutoff. The user can alter the VCC, VBE, transistor beta and any of four resistor values R1, R2, RC and RE by picking the transistor value from a standard-value resistor table or manually entering the value. The schematic illustrates some voltage measuring points on the transistor schematic. This app is in final BETA.

Download Npn Dc-Bias Calculates Voltages And Currents Of A Simple Voltage Divider Bias Npn Bipolar Transistor Amp
  • This application will compute the various voltages and currents associated with a voltage divider bias NPN transistor amplifier.
  • In addition, the program will indicate whether a given design is in cutoff or saturation. If the bias is in cutoff condition, IB will be set to 0. If in saturation IC and IE are set to the maximum current value.
  • There is limited error checking of the input values in this program, so ridiculous calculations are possible, however are quite obvious.
  • To change a resistor value, click on one of the resistor labels in the Change Parameters area. To set the desired standard value resistor from the Set Resistor Dialog Box, double click on your choice. Manual entry is also possible to accommodate any non-standard value you wish to try.
  • The output editor can be used for adding notes etc. Please note that it will only hold a maximum of 10000 bytes worth of data. After 10000 bytes it will not accept anymore calculated data and there will be no error message. Save data in files that are less than the 10000 byte maximum.
  • Additional clipboard functions maybe accessed by right-clicking the mouse when over the output display editor area.

Download NPN DC-BIAS calculator voltage divider bias NPN bipolar transistor.

Download NPN DC-BIAS

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