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Download Regulator Designer Voltage Current Shunt Adjustable

Regulator Designer LM317, LM150, LM350, L200, TL431, M5237, 78xx,  voltage, current, shunt and adjustable regulator design

Allows to calculate

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  • LM317 (LM150, LM350) voltage regulator
  • LM317 (LM150, LM350) current regulator
  • L200 voltage and/or current regulator
  • TL431 precision shunt regulator
  • TL431 precision shunt regulator (with LM317)
  • M5237 3-terminal adjustable regulator
  • 78xx series voltage regulator ( LM7805, LM7809, LM7812, … )
  • 78xx series current regulator

Download Regulator Designer

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