Download Universal Diplexer inductance and capacitance values for a Bridge-Tee diplexer

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Universal Diplexer calculates the inductance and capacitance values for a Bridge-Tee diplexer based upon a chosen superhet receiver intermediate frequency. The diplexer is the Joe Reisert, W1JR popularized design discussed under Diplexer Topics on this web site. The user inputs an IF and presses the Calculate button to have the capacitor and inductor values given in pF and uH respectively. The diplexer schematic is included in the application. Note that the this is for the Q = 1 version of the Bridge-Tee Diplexer.

Universal Diplexer calculates the necessary inductor and capacitance values for the fine diplexer designed by Joe Reisert, W1JR.
Input and output impedances are both 50 ohms. Simply enter the design intermediate frequency in MHz and press the Calculate button.
The applications allowable frequency range is very liberal ( 0.1 to 54 MHz ), however, we have only built and tested this diplexer from 2.5 to 28 MHz. Other intermediate frequencies could be tested in simulation or in an actual rig.

Download Diplexer

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