EasyEDA 6 Download to Windows, MAC e Linux

EasyEDA 6 desktop Download

EasyEDA 6 Download to Windows, MAC e Linux, desktop version, in addition to the online version that works in the browser, also has the desktop that works on the “almost” fully offline computer. With Windows 32/64-bit, Mac and Linux support.

EasyEDA, a great web based on EDA(Electronics Design Automation) tool for electronics engineers, educators, students, makers and enthusiasts.

EasyEDA Provides:

  • Simple, Easier, Friendly, and Powerful general drawing capabilities
  • Working Anywhere, Anytime, Any Devices
  • Real-time Team Cooperation
  • Sharing Online
  • Thousands of open source projects
  • Integrated PCB fabrication and Components purchase chain
  • API provide
  • Script support
  • Schematic Capture
    • LTSpice-based Simulation
    • Spice models and subcircuits create
    • WaveForm viewer and data export(CSV)
    • Netlist export(Spice, Protel/Altium Designer, Pads, FreePCB)
    • Document export(PDF, PNG, SVG)
    • EasyEDA source file export(json)
    • Altium Designer format export
    • BOM export
    • Mutil-sheet schematics
    • Schematic module
    • Theme setting
    • Document recovery
  • PCB Layout
    • Design Rules Checking(DRC)
    • Mutil-Layer, 6 copper layer supported
    • Document export(PDF, PNG, SVG)
    • EasyEDA source file export(json)
    • Altium Designer format export
    • BOM export
    • DXF export
    • Photo view
    • 3D View
    • Generate the fabrication file(Gerber)
    • Export Pick and Place file
    • Auto Router
    • PCB module
    • Document recovery
  • Import
    • Altium/ProtelDXP ASCII Schematic/PCB
    • Eagle Schematic/PCB/Libraries
    • KiCAD Schematic/PCB/Libraries
    • DXF
  • Libraries
    • More than 700,000 public Libraries(Symbol and Footprint)
    • Libraries management
    • Symbol/Subpart create and edit
    • Spice symbol/model create and edit
    • Libraries management
    • Footprint create and edit
Easyeda 6 Desktop Download Schematic Capture
Easyeda 6 Desktop Download Schematic Capture

Is EasyEDA safe?

There are no absolutely secure things in the world, but even if you have the misfortune – as happened to one of our team – of losing one laptop and having two hard drives break,
the software will try to protect your designs in the following ways:

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  1.  Utilize SSL throughout the entire domain EasyEDA.com. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology encrypts all data transferred between your computer and our servers. Your data is for your eyes only.
  2. You can save your files locally.
  3. Multiple copies of every file are saved in your local database.
  4. The servers backup your designs frequently

Set your project as Private. For extra security you can even save your work locally.

Thsi software is built for people who like to work anywhere, who like to build projects together with other team members, who like to share their projects, who like something that operates like a
github for hardware design. The only way to meet these needs is to build a Cloud version EDA.

There is no need to back up your schematics and PCBs manually. After the first save of any file, EasyEDA will back up all saved files automatically under the Version History. If you want to back up your files locally, you can download a copy of the whole project or of individual files in a project in EasyEDA Source (JSON) format.

EasyEDA’s main target is schematic and PCB, not simulation. EasyEDA only support simple schematics simulation.

Video Tutorials How to Use Easyeda Software

Download to Windows, MAC and Linux

Support forum

Download EasyEDA PDF tutorial

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