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Free subscription to Elektor GREEN Membership, access for one year to the Elektor GREEN Membership, including PDF digital edition of the magazine in English, as well as access to exclusive promotions.

This magazine is one of the few that is surviving the internet age, when most publications and even newsstands are increasingly scarce.

Due to the confinement imposed by the new Corona virus, there is a difficulty for people to go out to a newsstand to buy their magazine. Through the Elektor Helps initiative, free access to an Elektor Green (Digital) subscription is available for one year when using the discount coupon below.

Elektor Helps: Content – Free GREEN Membership

Through our Elektor Helps initiative, are offering engineers and makers in locked-down countries — Italy, United States, Portugal, France,  Spain — free access to a 1-year Green (Digital) Membership with the coupon code ElektorHelps2020EN.

Our aim to is to provide innovators easy access to the high-quality content and to our global community during even the most difficult of times.

Elektor Green Membership For Free – Magazine Pdf
Actual Magazine

If you live in one of the major locked-down countries and you are not currently an Elektor member, you can receive the following Green Membership benefits:

  • The digital edition of Elektor magazine (English edition)
  • An LAB online account, where you can contribute projects and participate in the Elektor Helps: Project Contest.
  • A 10% discount on most Store products.
  • Access to exclusive promotions.
  • Access to members-only surveys and giveaways.
Elektor Lab

You can view magazine articles online or download as PDF to your computer.

How to proceed to have the magazine subscription

In the “Do you have a coupon code?” put ElektorHelps2020PO and click on “Submit coupon code”

On the next page, fill in your details and check out

Elektor GREEN, Full Membership, Duration: One year.

Worth € 0.00 instead of € 71.95

Coupon Code
Elektor Purchase Page

Use coupon code ElektorHelps2020EN

*Valid until 31.08.2020

Access Here

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