Download BASCOM-AVR BASIC Compiler with MCS IDE


Windows-based IDE and BASCOM-AVR BASIC Compiler the AVR Family microcontrollers Micro-IDE – a Windows-based IDE BASCOM51 AVR BASIC compiler Over 70 BASIC project examples Downloaders for many 8051 boards DEMO version compiles 2KB of code. Well suited for the ATTINY2313.

Download Bascom-Avr Basic Compiler With Mcs Ide

Features Bascom-AVR:

  • Structured BASIC with labels
  • Structured programming with IF-THEN-ELSE-END IF, DO-LOOP, WHILE-WEND, SELECT- CASE
  • Fast machine code instead of interpreted code
  • Variables and labels can be as long as 32 characters
  • Bit, Byte, Integer, Word, Long, Single and String variables
  • Compiled programs work with all AVR microprocessors that have internal memory
  • Statements are highly compatible with Microsoft’s VB/QB
  • Special commands for LCD-displays , I2C chips and 1WIRE chips, PC keyboard, matrix keyboard, RC5 reception, software UART, SPI master and slave, IR remote code, graphical LCD’s
  • Local variables, user functions, library support
  • Integrated terminal emulator
  • Integrated ISP programmer (application note AVR910.ASM)
  • Perfectly matches the DT006 SimmStick
  • DEMO version compiles 2KB of code. Well suited for the ATTINY2313
  • Object file is ATMEL compatible. Use free AVR Studio from ATMEL website to simulate code
  • Support for TCP/IP

Download BASCOM-AVR BASIC Compiler with MCS IDE


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