Download Abacon Sprint Layout 6.0 PCB design software

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With Sprint-Layout you can design your PCB’s quick and easy. There is no unnecessary “ballast” which makes it difficult to keep the overview or which makes the usage almost impossible. Because of the logical and understandable structure of Sprint-Layout the usage is very easy to learn. So finally, you can concentrate to the essential thing: Designing and optimizing your PCB-layouts.
Sprint-Layout offers all needed functions to design your own layouts. Of course, there is an extensive library with all common components included.
For manufacturing your PCB’s by hand, there is an excellent printout-procedure with many options available. If you want to produce professional boards, there are many PCB-manufacturer, which accept Sprint-Layout files. If required, you can export your layout to the GERBER and EXCELLON format. Sprint-Layout is also able to create HPGL files for isolation-milling.
The new version 5.0 includes many new features and improvements, which makes the software more comfortable. As always, we take very much care of an user-friendly operation.
Of course the new version 5.0 is fully compatible to all older versions of Sprint-Layout. You can load all older layout-files and edit them with the new version.
With the free viewer-software for Sprint-Layout it is possible for everybody to view or print your

Sprint-Layout is equipped with tools to draw pads, tracks, copper areas, labels and so on. Just select the corresponding mode and place your elements. All parameter like track-width, pad-size, etc. are always visible at a glance, and can be edited every time. The active grid-capture lets you easily place your elements exactly.

You can edit existing layout-elements very easy. For example if you adjust the width of a track, you will see the result immediately on your layout. Additional functions like copy, move, rotate, mirror, etc. are self evident.

Components which you have drawn once, can be added to the component-library. The component-library is already filled with many common used components. So you don’t have to create them again.

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You can easily drag&drop the components from the library to your layout. After that you can mirror, rotate or label them like you want.

You can add as many components as you want to the library. You can even sort and group the library, so you can create your own library.

Free rotating

You can rotate all components or elements in any angle. This makes it possible to place your components in the best manner.

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