Download Target 3001 software CAD CAE PCB

Electronics cad software Target 3001 version 14 free

Download Target 3001 software CAD CAE PCB, TARGET 3001 design station is an object-oriented, 32-bit schematic- simulation- and printed circuit board development system for the PC. It’s a partly automatic tool that help you with the drawing of a schematic, the mixed-mode simulation of a circuit and the PCB design with an integrated EMC checking tool.

Download Target 3001 Software Cad Cae Pcb Gerber
Download Target 3001 Software Cad Cae Pcb Gerber

A new generation of CAD/CAE software for circuit design

The data of the schematic, simulation, PCB and EMC check are collected and editable in one file. Any changes in one of the program parts will automatically update the remaining view involved in the data file.

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A inconsistent data basis is therefore prohibited and a complicated translation or communication via netlists is inapplicable. TARGET3001! design station is the only software system worldwide with the mentioned features in combination with one common user interface.

TARGET 3001 is a full-featured PCB design software which was designed to let you help in your work with circuit board projects.

TARGET 3001! design station has extendable symbol-, model- and package libraries and is capable of creating a bill of material (B.O.M) as well as netlists in several formats. Components can not only be placed by hand or automatically, they can also be edited at any time.

You can route your PCB’s on the screen interactively and/or fully automatically. The finished PCB file can be translated to several data formats with the help of special output drivers, allowing you to create data which can be used for a selection of different CAM processes.

Download Target 3001 Software Cad Cae Pcb Gerber
Download Target 3001 Software Cad Cae Pcb Gerber

Here are some key features of “TARGET 3001”:

· Hierarchial design and use of variants of one PCB
· True scale representation on the display, 1 inch on the screen equals 1 inch on the printout (World coordinates)
· Program and manual have been developed and used in Germany since 1989
· Schematic, simulation, PCB and EMC-analysis data in one file (no version conflicts!).
· Schematic, simulation, PCB-Autorouter and EMC-Analysis tools are easy to use (steep learning curve)
· Direct forward and back annotation (realtime data integration)
· Schematic, simulation, PCB, EMC-analysis at the same time in several windows
· Automatic generation of ground planes, changes online possible (realtime ground planes)
· Component Wizard for easy editing of components
· Package Wizard for easy editing of packages
· Outline Wizard for easy editing of outlines with outbreaks
· All components can be edited even if already in use
· Your layout in 3D-view
· All Windows-fonts can be used (not for Gerber output)
· Exchange of modules between different projects through the clipboard
· Easy export of Graphics in Metafile-format through the clipboard for documentation purposes (Example: Export into MS-Word allows flexible use without loosing the resolution)
· Independent of video cards and printer drivers

Download Target 3001 Software Cad Cae Pcb
Download Target 3001 Software Cad Cae Pcb

Requirements Target 3001

· Operating system: Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP
· Processor: AMD Athlon or Pentium III recommended
· 64MB RAM
· Graphics: 1024×768 pixels, 256 colors, Open GL supported (for 3D view)
· CD-ROM drive
· Internet access needed for some functions: update management (versions and libraries), online libraries, datasheet service, distributors information

Limitations Target 3001 free

· All functions active reduced to projects with up to 250 Pins/Pads on two copper layers.
· Simulation capable of 30 signals.
· Board size is up to 1,860 square inches (=1.44 square meters).

This download is marked as adware because it displays advertisement banners or other type of commercials while running.

What’s New in This Release:
· Undo after changing component properties sometimes caused access violations
· Sometimes filled elements were not displayed
· Packages locked against any movement: Deletion and reinsertion caused problems
· Property dialog can now always be confirmed using [Return]
· With importing old Gerber files (RS274D) now several aperture list formats can be decoded semi-automatically

Download Target 3001 software CAD CAE PCB

Download Target 3001

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