Download AACircuit V1.28 Beta ASCII CAD circuit design

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AACircuit (formerly ASCII-Paint) is out of the need to post drawings created in newsgroups. Binaries are only allowed on a few servers and a few forums. So you had to put the diagrams as GIF or JPEG somewhere online and link. The idea for an ASCII CAD tool was found in 2001 de.sci.electronics in the newsgroup.
Diagrams were then reproduced by hand with ASCII characters. The search for a tool that would help me in the preparation showed that there are simply none. ASCII art editors gave it (zBJave), but IMO they were totally unsuitable for diagrams. And so was AACiruit.
To view ASCII drawings, you only need a fixed-width font in the news reader can be selected. It is thus possible without any special software to read the plans. Also saves you the time to load the file and view it in an external program. Another advantage is that, for example , Google Groups, the switching plans to archive. Thus, even thread and schematics are available that have been posted long time ago.

The symbol library componentX.ini can easily be extended. X stands for the selected language (German = 1, 2 = English, Danish = 3). The German and English symbol library differ in the representation of the components.

Download AACircuit

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