Download MultiMedia Logic Digital Circuit Design simulator free

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Multimedia Logic Digital Circuit Design simulator
This multimedia logic simulator software is simplest, most powerful, most universal languages known (Digital Logic). Most digital logic drawing systems are just that, drawing systems. Recently, some logic drawing systems allow circuits to be activated as they are drawn for testing purposes. But the input and output to these systems are typically files of numbers. The MultiMedia Logic Simulator has taken this one step further and introduced devices that connect directly to your computers’ real devices (e.g. Keyboard, Screen, Serial Ports) including MultiMedia ones (PC speaker, Wave, Bitmaps).

The intent of this system is not to necessarily build the logic circuit you design. The intent is to use what you build, to allow experimentation, to learn and to have fun.

This Complete installation kit for all 32-Bit Windows. (NT/2K/Xp/95/98/ME, VISTA, Windows 7)

Download MmLogic

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