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14 Wave Antenna Calculator

Download software 1/4 Wave antenna with ground plane – Windows and Linux Version

A dipole and inverted V dipole calculator. Enter the frequency in Mhz and hit calculate to get the resulting lengths of the complete dipole...

Circuit Mini FM transmitter – video assembly instructions

Instructions, how to build a mini station from cheapest simplest components. Either frequency, modulation, FM (frequency modulation), sends the component values ​​at around 100...
Download ebook PDF Radio Transmitters - Tube ( Valve ) power RF Circuits collection

Download E-book PDF Radio Transmitters – Tube Power RF

The excellent book on transmitters that offer contains 467 pages of information in English about transmitters. Radio Transmitters was published in 1961 by engineers...

Video tutorial How to make a high gain wireless antenna – Cantenna

Cantenna From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A "cantenna" is also a brand name for a dummy load.A cantenna. A cantenna is a directional waveguide antenna for long-range...

Video DishPointer Pro + Android = satellite dish allignment

The way of finding the satellite when installing a satellite dish, using Samsung Galaxy S and DishPointer Pro application. The next generation satellite finder...

How to build the best homemade hdtv antenna – video tutorial

This is how to build a homemade TV antenna so that you can catch FREE HDTV. All you need is some copper wire, screws,...

How to Make a Homemade Analog TV Antenna -video tutorial

How to Make a Homemade Analog TV Antenna In this tutorial,  Teach You how to make a simple analog TV antenna.

Dishpointer – Satellite Finder Dish Pointing Calculator with Google Maps

Just select your satellite from the drop down menu and enter your location – city or zip code – in the box. The map...
Wideband DTV UHF Antenna TV Amplifier Circuit using transistor 2sc3358 - Antenna amplifier for digital tv band

Wideband DTV UHF Antenna TV Amplifier Circuit – 2sc3358

This HD TV UHF wideband amplifier(Ultra High Frequency amplifier) has a total gain of 10 to 15 dB in the 400 – 850 MHz...
Download Yagi calculator 2.6.4 program build to produces dimensions for a DL6WU style long Yagi antenna VHF and UHF

Download Yagi calculator 2.6.4 – DL6WU style long Yagi antenna

An application designed to generate data for the construction of long Yagi antennas for vhf and UHF use. Yagi Calculator is a program build to...


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