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Download coil32 free software calc coil inductor

"Coil32" is a free coil inductor calculator, that allows calculating: single-layer and multilayer air core inductors, toroidal air core coil inductance, inductors on ferrite...

Circuit simulator and PCB design software – EasyEDA

EasyEDA is a free, zero- install, cloud-based EDA tool, designed to give electrical engineers, educators, engineering students and electronics hobbyists an Easier EDA Experience....

Download PDF – ST Microelectronics Bipolar Transistors Cross Reference

PDF file with 35 pages of equivalence of bipolar transistors from ST Microelectronics. The specific information is found on a table with three columns,...
Download Yenka educational modeling tools - electronic projects, and PIC or PICAXE programs, and produce 3D PCB layouts

Download Yenka educational modeling tools

Yenka's design tools let you test your electronic projects, and PIC or PICAXE programs, and produce 3D PCB layouts for classroom manufacture.Yenka is a...

Soldering Tutorial Part 3 – Surface Mount – SMD Component

Part 3 of the hand soldering tutorial. This time Dave shows you how to drag solder and tack & reflow SMD components, and in...

Soldering video Tutorial Part 2

Beginners guide to learning how to hand solder.

Soldering Tutorial Part 1 – Tools

Dave takes you through everything you need to know to do good quality soldering. Part 1 is all about the tools you might need. A lot...
Download software QUICKCross NTE 15 - Guide Obsolete parts replacement - Old Philips ECG program

Software NTE QUICKCross 15 – Guide Obsolete parts replacement

QUICKCross NTE 15 is the first PC-based electronic cross reference, QUICKCross™. This new version contains all the latest information from NTE as well as...

THE BEST Multimeter video tutorial (HD)

Afroman shows you what to look for in a multimeter, and how to use a multimeter to measure voltage, current, resistance and continuity.

Video tutorial How to make a high gain wireless antenna – Cantenna

Cantenna From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A "cantenna" is also a brand name for a dummy load.A cantenna. A cantenna is a directional waveguide antenna for long-range...


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