Video tutorial DIY Printed circuit board PCB thermal method

Video tutorial DIY Printed circuit board PCB thermal method, Simple technique to make PCB using laser printer and household iron.

This simple heat toner transfer method for quick home prototyping.
This method works because it employs physical properties of laser printer toner.
Basically, toner is a mix of a black pigment and very fine plastic powder.
While paper is being heated by fuser inside the printer, plastic particles melts and sticks to paper.
Now, if we attach paper to a flat surface and apply heat to the paper, so the temperature of paper exceed toners melting point, plastic melts and sticks to adjacent surface.

DIY PCB using toner transfer how make?

Printed circuit board method thermal complete tutorial in video, Video tutorial in the YouTube taught as doing a printed circuit board by the thermal method using paper photographic printed paper with printer laser and transferred the toner with iron.

It is possible to make high quality DIY PCB using toner transfer paper and a heat press. To print the design onto the PCB, you will need a colour laser printer, CPM 6.2 transfer media and a heat press. The process is simple and suitable for schools, maker spaces and small home business.

Sequence for printed circuit board by the process of toner transfer.

  • Print the board in the size that should be using printer laser and photographic paper;
  • to prepare the printed circuit board cleaning her;
  • To transfer the toner of the photographic paper for printed circuit board using the iron;
  • To remove the paper that should be glued in the PCB using a solution of water and detergent, leaving the sauce PCB in that solution;
  • After removing the paper to correct eventual flaws with pen the for circuit printed;
  • To corrode the plate using ferric chloride etching;
  • With the time you catch the way and it will make boards with professional aspect;
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