Car Audio amplifier circuit with IC TDA1562 – 70 W


General description The TDA1562 is a monolithic integrated 70 W/4Ω Bridge-Tied Load (BTL) class-H high efficiency power amplifier in a 17 lead DIL-bent-SIL plastic power package.
The device can be used for car audio systems (e.g. car radios and boosters) as well as mains fed applications (e.g. midi/mini audio combinations and TV sound).

FEATURES of the IC TDA1562 – 70 W high efficiency power amplifier

  • Very high output power, operating from a single low supply voltage
  • Low power dissipation, when used for music signals
  • Switches to low output power at too high case temperatures
  • Few external components
  • Fixed gain
  • Differential inputs with high common mode rejection
  • Mode select pin (on, mute and standby)
  • Status I/O pin (class-H, class-B and fast mute)
  • All switching levels with hysteresis
  • Diagnostic pin with information about:
  • Dynamic Distortion Detector (DDD)
  • Any short-circuit at outputs
  • Open load detector
  • Temperature protection.
  • No switch-on or switch-off plops
  • Fast mute on supply voltage drops
  • Quick start option (e.g. car-telephony/navigation)
  • Low (delta) offset voltage at the outputs
  • Load dump protection
  • Short-circuit safe to ground, supply voltage and acrossthe load
  • Low power dissipation in any short-circuit condition
  • Protected against electrostatic discharge
  • Thermally protected
  • Flexible leads.

Schematic of the audio amplifier with TDA1562q

Tda1562 Schematic

Suggested printed circuit board TDA1562

Tda1562 Pcb
Tda1562 Pcb Layout
Tda1562 Pcb Silk


Part list for assembly audio power amplifier with integrated TDA1562 – 70 Watt power

Part Value
Resistors 1/4 Watts 5%
R1 100K –Brown, Black, Yellow, Gold
R2 5.6k – Green, Blue, Red, Gold
R3 1K – Brown, Black, Red, Gold
C1, C2 470nF polyester film capacitor
C3, C4, C7 4700µF / 25Volts- electrolytic capacitor
C5, C8 10µF /25volts – electrolytic capacitor
C6 100nF polyester film capacitor
IC1 TDA1562Q IC NXP Semiconductors
D1 1N4004 – semiconductor diode
LED1 Led high performance
FUSIVEL 8A –Fast-acting fuse
JP1 Key to toggle between mute and on.
BAT Power Supply Connector
IN Audio input connector
OUT Audio output connector
Wire, solder, printed circuit board, power supply or battery, heat sink, etc..

Download the PDF files for mounting the circuit tda1562: PDF PCB, Layout of components Schematic of the amplifier, Silk screen components, the TDA 1562 Datasheet

Download PDF    Mirror

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