IC TDA2003 amplifier Circuit power 10 W


Circuit  of power audio amplifier with tda2003 for 10 Watts power. TDA 2003 has a better performance than the tda2002 using the same configuration of pins. Additional characteristics relate to the tda2002, it demands few components external, easy assembly, it is a low-cost solution for an audio amplifier. A mounted amplifier with tda2003 presents protection against short of the pins with the ground.

The good of setting up an amplifier with tda2003 is that he is easy of being found at the market, even for who is far away from the great centers. Has the possibility to do to buy him/it integrated by the internet. The tda2003 can be supplied by batteries by a long period.

Description of the circuit of the amplifier of 10 watts simple source

It is treated of an assembly easy of being accomplished what is necessary, it is just a tda2003 and one more half dozen of components.

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To facilitate the assembly, the circuit it counts with a printed circuit board.

Schematic of the amplifier with tda2003

Circuit Diagram Power Amplifier Tda2003 Circuit
Circuit Diagram Power Amplifier Tda2003 Circuit

Suggestion of printed circuit board for assembly of the amplifier with tda2003.

Printed Circuit Board, Pcb Power Amplifier Tda2003 Circuit
Printed Circuit Board, Pcb Power Amplifier Tda2003 Circuit
Printed Circuit Board Component View, Pcb Power Amplifier Tda2003 Circuit
Tda2003 Pcb

Part list to assemble the amplifier with IC TDA2003

Last Update: 07/29/2021 18:03

Parts Value Description Quantity
CX 39nF/63V Polyester capacitor 1
C1 2.2µF/16V Electrolytic capacitor 1
C1A 1 a 2.2µF/63V (Optional) Polyester capacitor 1
C2, C6 470µF/25V Electrolytic capacitor 2
C3 100nF (104) Ceramic capacitor 1
C5 100nF/63V (104) Polyester capacitor 1
C4 1000µF/25V Electrolytic capacitor 1
C7 330pF Ceramic capacitor 1
IC1 TDA2003 Audio amplifier integrated circuit 1
Resistors 1/4W 5%
R1 220 Red, red, brown, gold 1
R2 2.2 Red, red, gold, gold 1
R3 1 Ohm / 1W Brown, black, gold, gold 1
R4 56K Green, blue, orange, orange, orange 1
RX 39 Orange, white, black, gold 1
CN1 IN Terminal block 2 pin 5.08 mm 1
CN2 VCC Terminal block 2 pin 5.08 mm 1
CN3 OUT Terminal block 2 pin 5.08 mm 1
Solder, Wires, PCB, case, power supply, heatsink, etc.

Download the PDF files of this assembly. Updated files, now includes PDF, PNG and GERBER plate, plus 10×10 panel (4 plates)


Datasheet PDF ST Microelectronics

Datasheet PDF Contek Microelectronics

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21 thoughts on “IC TDA2003 amplifier Circuit power 10 W”

  1. As i understand from schematic:
    on the left side:1 In; 2 and 3 Ground
    on the right side: RL +Speaker ;+ V in; Ground

    Anyone assembled this one and thested with this values?


  2. i’m a little bit confused in this project, i don’t know wheres the “+” and “-” for the input voltage and for the input of sounds and the output of the speaker.. please help me.. what is the input voltage?

  3. I have enjoyed myself browsing through this great circuit but if u can include the operation of the circuit


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