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power audio stereo amplifier IC TDA7379

Circuit stereo power amplifier IC TDA7379 38W

Compact stereo audio power amplifier circuit using integrated circuit TDA7379 for 2x 38 Watts. Uses simple DC power supply or transformer, being suitable for...
Fake Car Alarm Circuit – 555 led Flash

Fake Car Alarm Circuit – 555 led Flash

Simple circuit simulator false alarm for cars or home, based on an integrated circuit timer 555, just to simulate the existence of an alarm...

Car Audio amplifier circuit with IC TDA1562 – 70 W

General description The TDA1562 is a monolithic integrated 70 W/4Ω Bridge-Tied Load (BTL) class-H high efficiency power amplifier in a 17 lead DIL-bent-SIL plastic power...

Circuit battery charger for gelled lm117

Circuit for battery type Gel Charger using lm117Battery charging is another application uniquely suited for the LM117.Since battery voltage is dependent on electro-chemical reactions,...

Circuit test car fuse practical schematic

Circuit to test car fuse, practical Schematic to find fuse with defectSometimes to find a fuse with defect in a car, we have to...

Project circuit battery charger lead acid automotive 12 volts automatic

Circuit of charger of car batteries lead acid with the ic Lm317That charger based on the integrated circuit LM317, regulator of adjustable tension, supplies...

Project Batteries charger nickel cadmium Ni-Cd e NI-MH

Batteries charger of nickel cadmium (Ni-cd) and nickel metal hidret (Ni-MH) of high efficiency with regulator LM2756 for up to 3A.That charger has an...

Circuit of power audio amplifier with IC tda2030

TDA2030 is a circuit integrated monolithic in Pentawat® package, to be used as class audio amplifier AB. Typically he supplies up to 14 Watts...

Circuit of power audio amplifier with ic tda2003 for 10 Watt

Circuit  of power audio amplifier with tda2003 for 10 Watts potencyTDA 2003 has a better performance than the tda2002 using the same configuration of...


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