Lm383 amplifier circuit lm383 audio amplifier 7W


Lm383 amplifier circuit, lm383 audio amplifier. Lm383, although it is not an ic of new audio, it is a good option for who wants an amplifier easy to set up, and it demands few external components for your implementation. When the lm383 was developed, it was designated for applications automotive. But you can use that ic in varied audio projects as amplified boxes, amplifier for guitar among other applications.

Principal characteristics of the IC lm383

  • High current capacity (3,5 THE)
  • Strip of feeding tension: 5 TO 18 V
  • Input Impedance: 150 k ohms
  • Strip passer-by: 30 kHz
  • Harmonic Distortion Total : 0.2% (tip)

Circuit diagram lm383 amplifier circuit lm383 audio amplifier

Circuit Diagram Lm383 Amplifier Circuit Lm383 Audio Amplifier

To observe well in that Schematic sees that gives for setting up the circuit without using printed circuit board, it is enough to tie the components as suitable

Example of assembly of the amplifier with circuit integrated lm383

Pcb – Printed Circuit Board

Reference: lm383 datasheet

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  1. it is true that this chip is not being in production?build several of this amps for past years but this time,the chips always blows or overheated,so i try the tda2003 instead of lm383,maybe there is a fake lm383 in circulation,hope you post other new circuit,more power to you


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