Circuit power amplifier stereo audio with LM1875 – 2 x 20 watt

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This is an audio amplifier circuit using integrated LM1875 stereo to 2 x 20 Watts. With power supply for ease of assembly for any hobbyist. With a power of up to 20 Watts stereo amplifier that is suitable for use as power audio amplifier in various applications such as power amplifier for PC audio, FM radio, MP3 speaker, finally you’re sure to find great uses for this amplifier with LM1875 easy to assemble.

Diagram of stereo power amplifier lm1875

circuit Lm1875 stereo power amplifier schematic

Suggested printed circuit board for mounting the amplifier chip LM 1875

Lm1875 stereo power amplifier PCB
circuit Lm1875 stereo power amplifier pcb layout
Lm1875 stereo power amplifier PCB silk

Part List for assembly of a stereo amplifier with LM1875

C1100nF/63 V Polyester film or ceramic capacitor
C2, C33300µF/35V Polarized electrolytic capacitor
C4, C5, C12, C132.2µF/25V Polarized electrolytic capacitor
C6, C9220nF/63V Polarized electrolytic capacitor
C7, C1410µF/25V Polarized electrolytic capacitor
C8, C112200µF/35V Polarized electrolytic capacitor
D1, D2, D3, D41N4004
B1KBL406 4A Bridge Rectifier or equivalent
LEDRed LED 5mm
IC1, IC2LM1875T
IN-LConnector Left channel audio input
IN-RConnector Right channel audio input
OUT-LConnector Left Channel Audio Output
ACConnector to the transformer
OUT-RConnector Right channel audio Output
Resistors 1/4 watt 5%
R1, R6, R1210k Brown, Black, Orange, Gold
R2, R3, R4, R8, R9, R1022k Red, Red, Orange, Gold
R5, R11220K Red, Red, Yellow, Gold
R7, R131R Brown, Black, Gold, Gold
J1 – Jumper – piece of wire
Heat sink for the IC, printed circuit board, solder, Box to the amplifier, speakers, 30 watts 4 ohms
Transformer – 12 to 18 VAC / 2A to 3A

Download PDF Files Mounting amp with LM1875
Download PDF   Mirror

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  1. This schematic is incorrect. R5 and R11 should go from pin 4 to pin 2 of their respective ICs, not the junction of the 10k resistor and the 2.2uf capacitor. Also, much better performance can be achieved using a centre-tapped transformer and dual-ended supply. See the datasheet’s typical application schematic.

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  3. Why my left out make noisy sound, but the right one dont issue anything. That problem can be related with suuply?
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