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Circuit power audio amplifier stereo IC TDA7293 – 200 Watts RMS

Amplifier circuit stereo audio with good power, using integrated circuit TDA7293 for up to 2x 100 Watts. With Suggested PCB mounting design. Includes power...
preamplifier Stereo TDA1524A bass treble 3D board

Circuit Stereo Preamplifier With IC TDA1524A – Tone Control Unit

Stereo preamplifier circuit based on the Integrated Circuit TDA1524A. Contains components for amplification and pre Tone controlling. The signal processing is done by the voltage...
Power Amplifier with Subwoofer – TDA2030 and Ne5532 – 2 x 18 Watts + 30 W Bass

Power Amplifier with Subwoofer – TDA2030 and Ne5532 – 2 x 18 Watts +...

This circuit is typical of systems sold for 2.1 PC surround systems, left and right channel and subwoofer. Just plugging in the stereo audio...

Circuit power amplifier stereo audio with LM1875 – 2 x 20 watt

This is an audio amplifier circuit using integrated LM1875 stereo to 2 x 20 Watts. With power supply for ease of assembly for any...
TDA7294 Bridge stereo 3D Board

Brutus – Circuit Audio power Amplifier stereo with tda7294 bridge 2x 170 W

The circuit of the amplifier with TDA7294 was a big hit among our readers, so bring more than this version of the amplifier with...
Circuit audio amplifier stereo power with LM1875 and preamp for NE5532 - 2 x 20 Watts

Circuit power audio amplifier stereo LM1875 + NE5532 – 2 x 20 Watts

The LM1875 is a monolithic power amplifier offering very low distortion and high quality performance for consumer audio applications. The LM1875 delivers 20 watts into...

Circuit power audio amplifier IC tda2002 – 8 Watts

This is a class AB audio power amplifier circuit which built using a TDA2002 or TDA2003 power amplifier IC module. These are replacements for...
Circuit power audio amplifier stereo 2x 1 watts tda2822 - Dual low-voltage power amplifier With PCB

Circuit power audio amplifier stereo IC TDA2822 – 2x 1 W

TDA2822 is an ideal Op amp for low output applications. It is a good choice as a preamplifier in stereo high power amplifier circuits....

Circuit 22W Stereo Amplifier Using TDA1554

Here is the 22 watt stereo audio power amplifier circuit diagram based on TDA1554 and integrated circuit from NXP semiconductors (formerly PHILIPS semiconductors). It...
lm1875 amp pcb layout 3d

Circuit power amplifier IC lm1875 PCB layout include

Circuit of audio power amplifier 20 W using CI lm1875The lm1875 is a monolithic audio amplifier that offers a very low distortion and a...


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