circuit power audio amplifier 18 w RMS bridge TDA2009

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The TDA2009 is a dual audio power amplifier hi-fi in multiwatt package, developed especially for high quality stereo applications. This application is the bridge amplification, where the two tda2009 internal amplifiers are used. The good thing about the TDA series of integrated circuits is that they are electronic components that are easy to find in electronics stores.

The TDA2009 is a class AB stereo audio power amplifier that contains  two  identical  amplifiers capable  of  delivering  10W  per  channel.
It  is  designed  for  quality  Hi-Fi  stereo  application  which  is  easy to construct and has a mini mum need of external components.

The module has output current protection and thermal protection. This is the databook circuit which gives an excellent sound. The supply voltage required for this kit is 8 – 24V DC at 1 to 2 Amps. Maximum output power will only be obtained with a power supply of at least 20V and greater than 1.5 A, and using 4 ohm speakers.

Schematic of the power amplifier in bridge with tda2009

TDA2009 Bridge Schematic

Suggestion of assembly of the power amplifier in bridge with tda2009

TDA2009 bridge PCB
TDA2009 bridge board

Information on the amplifier circuit in bridge with tda2009

The power supply is simple from 12 to 22 volts max. with current of 2 amperes.

Part List

R12k or 2.2K
R3, R439 Ohms
R5, R61 Ohms
C1100n – Capacitor Ceramic
C2, C32.2µF /25V – Capacitor Electrolytic
C4, C6, C7220µF /25V – Capacitor Electrolytic
C522µF/25V – Capacitor Electrolytic
C8, C9100n – Capacitor Polyester
INTerminal block connector 2 screws – Audio input
OUTTerminal block connector 2 screws – Audio Output
POWERTerminal block connector 2 screws – Power supply
Power supply de 12 a 22VDC 2A
Heatsink to IC TDA2009
Printed Circuit Board, Welding, Wires, Box, etc.

Datasheet TDA2009

Download files for this project – PDF PCB, Schematic in PDF, silk screen.
Download PDF

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