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This Application Note (Application Note 31). He has a huge amount of practical circuits using operational amplifiers. They are 33 pages of practical circuits that can be very useful for all who work with operational amplifiers.

Complete circuit list Op Amp Circuit Collection free

Section 1—Basic Circuits

  • Inverting Amplifier
  • Non-Inverting Amplifier
  • Difference Amplifier
  • Inverting Summing Amplifier
  • Non-Inverting Summing Amplifier
  • Inverting Amplifier with High Input Impedance
  • Fast Inverting Amplifier with High Input Impedance
  • Non-Inverting AC Amplifier
  • Practical Differentiator
  • Integrator
  • Fast Integrator
  • Current to Voltage Converter
  • Circuit for Operating the LM101 without a Negative Supply
  • Circuit for Generating the Second Positive Voltage
  • Neutralizing Input Capacitance to Optimize Response Time
  • Voltage Comparator for Driving DTL or TTL Integrated Circuits
  • Integrator with Bias Current Compensation
  • Threshold Detector for Photodiodes
  • Double-Ended Limit Detector
  • Multiple Aperture Window Discriminator
  • Offset Voltage Adjustment for Inverting Amplifiers Using Any Type of Feedback Element
  • Offset Voltage Adjustment for Non-Inverting Amplifiers Using Any Type of Feedback Element
  • Offset Voltage Adjustment for Voltage Followers
  • Offset Voltage Adjustment for Differential Amplifiers
  • Offset Voltage Adjustment for Inverting Amplifiers Using 10 kΩ Source Resistance or Less

Section 2 — Signal Generation

  • Low Frequency Sine Wave Generator with Quadrature Output
  • High Frequency Sine Wave Generator with Quadrature Output
  • Free-Running Multivibrator
  • Wein Bridge Sine Wave Oscillator
  • Function Generator
  • Pulse Width Modulator
  • Bilateral Current Source
  • Bilateral Current Source
  • Wein Bridge Oscillator with FET Amplitude Stabilization
  • Low Power Supply for Integrated Circuit Testing
  • Positive Voltage Reference
  • Negative Voltage Reference
  • Precision Current Sink
  • Precision Current Source

Section 3 — Signal Processing

  • Differential-Input Instrumentation Amplifier
  • Variable Gain, Differential-Input Instrumentation Amplifier
  • Instrumentation Amplifier with ± 100 Volt Common Mode Range
  • Instrumentation Amplifier with ± 10 Volt Common Mode Range
  • High Input Impedance Instrumentation Amplifier
  • Bridge Amplifier with Low Noise Compensation
  • Bridge Amplifier
  • Precision Diode
  • Precision Clamp
  • Fast Half Wave Rectifier
  • Low Drift Peak Detector
  • Precision AC to DC Converter
  • Absolute Value Amplifier with Polarity Detector
  • Sample and Hold
  • Low Drift Integrator
  • Fast† Summing Amplifier with Low Input Current
  • Fast Integrator with Low Input Current
  • Adjustable Q Notch Filter
  • Easily Tuned Notch Filter
  • Two-Stage Tuned Circuit
  • Negative Capacitance Multiplier
  • Variable Capacitance Multiplier
  • Simulated Inductor
  • Capacitance Multiplier
  • High Pass Active Filter
  • Low Pass Active Filter
  • Nonlinear Operational Amplifier with Temperature Compensated Breakpoints
  • Current Monitor
  • Saturating Servo Preamplifier with Rate Feedback
  • Analog Multiplier
  • Long Interval Timer
  • Fast Zero Crossing Detector
  • Amplifier for Piezoelectric Transducer
  • Temperature Probe
  • Photodiode Amplifier
  • High Input Impedance AC Follower
  • Temperature Compensated Logarithmic Converter
  • Root Extractor
  • Multiplier/Divider
  • Cube Generator
  • Fast Log Generator
  • Anti-Log Generator

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