Download Resistor Coder – Resistance in ohms for color code

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Resistor Coder gives the resistance in ohms of any resistor color code entered into its input section. Four or five band resistors can be accommodated by this program. This app uses drop-down combo boxes so that no typing is required for data entry. Results may be saved to a disk file or directly printed.

Operational Notes:

This app will give the numeric resistance in ohms for resistors with four or five-color coded bands such as metal-film types.
The output editor can be used for adding notes etc. Please note that it  will only hold a maximum of 10000 bytes worth of data. After 10000 bytes  it will not accept anymore calculated data and there will be no error message. Save data in files that are less than the 10000 byte maximum.
Additional clipboard functions maybe accessed by right-clicking the mouse when over the output display editor area.

Resistor Coder

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