Lm1875 audio power amplifier OTL OCL Low Distortion

Lm1875 audio power amplifier OTL OCL Low Distortion

“Experience the ultimate versatility with our LM1875 official circuit player version! Harness the power of the popular LM1875 power amplifier chip, while enjoying the flexibility to switch between OTL or OCL modes for comparison and audition. We understand that every enthusiast has unique power supply and power requirements, which is why our circuit design allows you to effortlessly switch between the two connection methods with just a simple flip of a switch. Unleash your creativity and explore the diverse range of effects that this circuit offers. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to personalize your audio experience. Get your LM1875 official circuit player version today and elevate your amplifier game like never before!”

LM1875 official circuit player version, can switch between OTL or OCL mode for comparison and audition. LM1875 is a popular power amplifier chip that is still favored by many enthusiasts. However, different users have different power supply and power requirements. This circuit allows the LM1875’s OTL and OCL connection methods to be switchable through a switch, allowing players to try different effects as needed.

This circuit adopts a symmetrical design, with the power supply section using parallel connections of Nichicon FW series and Panasonic FK series, resulting in a more mellow and warm sound. Philips blue capacitor and Nippon APS film capacitor are used for decoupling, with independent decoupling and power supply for both channels. The negative feedback capacitor uses Nichicon Green Robe non-polarized capacitor.

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The audition effect is excellent, with powerful low-frequency output and good density. Additionally, the design of this circuit board is also compatible with TDA2050 and TDA2030A, allowing for direct replacement, but attention should be paid to not exceed the corresponding chip’s maximum parameters for the power supply voltage.

Schematic Lm1875 audio power amplifier OTL OCL Low Distortion

Schematic Lm1875 Audio Power Amplifier Otl Ocl Low Distortion

Amplifier otl and ocl

An amplifier, whether it is an OTL (Output Transformer-Less) or OCL (Output Capacitor-Less), is a critical component in audio systems. An OTL amplifier is designed without an output transformer, which simplifies the circuitry and reduces cost. It relies on the output stage to directly drive the speaker or load. On the other hand, an OCL amplifier also eliminates the need for output capacitors, ensuring a more direct and accurate transmission of the audio signal. Both amplifier designs have their advantages and disadvantages, with OTL amplifiers offering better sound quality and transparency, while OCL amplifiers provide higher power efficiency and lower cost. Ultimately, the choice between OTL and OCL amplifiers depends on the specific requirements and preferences of the audio system in question.

About lm1875 for audio power amplifier

The LM1875 is a highly efficient and versatile audio power amplifier integrated circuit (IC) that is widely used for audio applications. It is known for its ability to deliver high-quality sound with low distortion and low noise. With a maximum output power of 20 watts, the LM1875 is suitable for driving speakers in small to medium-sized audio systems. This IC operates on a wide voltage range, making it compatible with different power supply configurations. It also features short-circuit and thermal protection, ensuring the safety and durability of the amplifier. Overall, the LM1875 is an excellent choice for audio enthusiasts looking to build their own power amplifier with exceptional sound quality.

Lm1875 Audio Power Amplifier Otl Ocl Low Distortion Full Color Pcb
Full Color Pcb

BOM Lm1875 audio power amplifier OTL OCL Low Distortion

Name Value Description Quantity
C1,C2 4700uF/35V Electrolytic capacitor 2
C3,C4 4700-10000uF/35V Electrolytic capacitor 2
C5,C6, C17,C19 100n (104) Film capacitor 4
C7,C8 2.2uf Film capacitor 2
C9,C10,C15,C16, C23 100uF/35v Electrolytic capacitor 5
C11,C12 22uF BP Electrolytic capacitor 2
C13,C14,C18,C20 100n (104) Ceramic capacitor 4
C21,C22 1000uF/35V Electrolytic capacitor 2
R1 51K Green, brown, orange, gold 1
R2 10K Brown, orange, orange, gold 1
R3, R4 1M Brown, black, green, gold 2
R5, R6, R9, R10, R15 22K Red, red, orange, gold 5
R7, R8 1K Brown, black, red, gold 2
R11,R12 3R6/1W or 4R7 /1W Orange, blue, gold, gold 2
R16 0 Ω SMD 1210 1
SW1 SS12D10 Slide Switches 1
P1,P2 Lout, Rout 7.62 mm Barrier Terminal Blocks 2
CN3 Audio in 2.54 mm connector 3 way 1
U1 5.08-3P 5.08 mm 1×3P Terminal Block 1
D1,D2,D3,D4 FR304 3A 150ns Single 3A 400V DO-27 Diode — Fast Recovery Rectifiers 4
LED1,LED2 LED+, LED- Led 3 mm red 2
U1-1,U3 LM1875 TO-220-5 — Audio Power OpAmps 2

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Lm1875 Audio Power Amplifier Otl Ocl Low Distortion Pcb 3D
Pcb 3D

Download PCB in Gerber, PDF, PNG, SVG


Source: https://oshwhub.com/cqlcp/TDA1521-Super-Player-Edition

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