Project circuit battery charger lead acid automotive 12 volts automatic

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Circuit of charger of car batteries lead acid with the ic Lm317

That charger based on the integrated circuit LM317, regulator of adjustable tension, supplies up to 5 amperes to carry a potency battery in parallel with the regulator.

The adjustment of the load current is made through the potentiometer P1. In the begin average load discharge that is going reducing the battery accordingly it goes being carried until completing the nominal tension. He uses an ammeter and a voltmeter to monitor the current and the load tension. The output is protected by a fuse of 6 A.

  • It is indispensable the use of a fan AC to do the refrigeration of the circuit.
  • The diode in the output can be any one that support 5A of current and that can be set up in a heatsink.
  • The trafo is of 16+16x 5A.
  • I have a mounted prototype and working. Any day I place pictures.

Potent Battery Chargers Width Lm 317

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The charger’s control to be linked in the power stage

Battery Charger With Lm317

Printed circuit board to be linked for threads the potency part

Printed Circuit Board Battery Charger Lm317T

PCB side of the components

Prototip Of Circuit Of Control Battery Charger Lm317


Circuit lm317 adjustable voltage regulator power supply

Circuit adjustable voltage regulator power supply with lM350 3A


2 thoughts on “Project circuit battery charger lead acid automotive 12 volts automatic”

  1. The actual definition of this circuit is “voltage regulator” is not a battery charger. The voltage supply without cutting, could destroy a battery of 12 volts and 7 amps

  2. This seems to be a great Battery charger. I will try it out and comment inside 2 weeks time. But for now, the English on the circuit description & operation need polishing.


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