Simple Circuit – Stereo audio amplifier with IC LM386

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This is an audio amplifier with 2 LM386 integrated circuits. Basically it deals with the use of 2 amplifiers as in another article posted at a time ago. But this time it includes printed circuit board for stereo version, in addition to power supply. The circuit operates with power supply or batteries of 6 to 12 volts. The best performance will be when using a 12V power supply and 8 Ohms speakers.

The operation of the circuit is simple and based on the LM386, responsible for the amplification, the stereo audio signal is coupled by the capacitors C5 and C11, the stereo potentiometer P1, is used to adjust the volume.

The components attached to pins 1 and 8 control the gain:

  • No component: Gain = 20.
  • 10μF Capacitor (Jumper on R2 and R4): Gain = 200
  • 10μF Capacitor and 1.5K Resistor: Gain = 50

The output is coupled via 470μF Capacitor, if you want to use with headphones add resistors from 100 to 220 Ohms 1Watt in series with the output.

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Schematic of the audio amplifier LM 386 stereo

stereo audio amplifier lm386 schematic

Suggested Printed Circuit Board for mounting the circuit stereo amplifier with LM386N

stereo audio amplifier lm386 PCB
stereo audio amplifier lm386 PCB layout
stereo audio amplifier lm386 PCB layout
stereo audio amplifier lm386 PCB silk
stereo audio amplifier lm386 PCB silk

Part list for mounting a stereo amplifier with LM386

Resistors 1/4 Watt 5%
R1560 – Green, Blue, Brown, Gold
R2, R41K – Brown, Black, Red, Gold
R3, R510 – Brown, Black, Black, Gold
P110K – Double Potentiometer
C12200µF/ 16V – Electrolytic Capacitor
C2, C8, C14100nF – (100n, 104, .1, 0.1) – Ceramic or Polyester Capacitor
C3, C9100µF/ 16V – Electrolytic Capacitor
C4, C1010µF/16V – Electrolytic Capacitor
C5, C114.7µF/16V – Electrolytic Capacitor
C6, C12470µF/16V – Electrolytic Capacitor
C7, C1347nF – (473, 47n, 0.047) – Ceramic or Polyester Capacitor
D1, D2, D3, D41N4004 Or equivalent – Semiconductor diode
IC1, IC2LM386N – IC
LED1Red led 5mm
ACConnector for transformer
INAudio input connector
OUTAudio Output Connector
J115mm piece of wire
TR16 to 9 Volts / 500mA Transformer
Welding, Wire, PCB, Box, Knob Potentiometer, etc.

Download the PDF files to mount stereo amplifier with LM386: LM386 Datasheet, PCB Layout, Layout of components and Silk Screen
Download PDF     Mirror


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  1. Hi Toni, this circuit is exactly what what I’ve been searching for, small and simple. Unfortunately I cannot link to download the actual size PCB foil layout (Not Found Error 404). Is there any way to get that download? Any assistance from you or anyone who might be reading this would be greatly appreciated.
    Much thanks.

  2. pregunto otra ves que tipo de transformador es, porque no se consigue de 9.6 volt, si no de 6 o 9 volt y si es encapsulado saludos desde venezuela


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