TPA3110 Mini D class power amplifier TPA3110D2 diy

TPA3110 Mini D class power amplifier TPA3110D2 15w

Mini D class power amplifier (TPA3110D2), Based on the TPA3110 digital audio power amplifier with preamplifier, it supports a power output of 30W.  Some adjustments were made in the schematic design and the actual test results are good.

Tpa3110 Mini D Class Power Amplifier Tpa3110D2
Tpa3110 Mini D Class Power Amplifier Tpa3110D2

Schematic TPA3110 Mini D class power amplifier TPA3110D2 with preamplifier

Schematic Tpa3110 Mini D Class Power Amplifier Tpa3110D2

About IC TPA3110 TPA3110d2

The IC TPA3110 TPA3110d2 is a highly efficient Class-D audio amplifier integrated circuit. It is designed to deliver high-quality audio performance in a compact and cost-effective package. The TPA3110d2 offers a wide operating voltage range, making it versatile and suitable for a variety of applications. Its advanced protection features, such as short-circuit and thermal protection, ensure the safety and longevity of the amplifier. With its low power consumption and minimal external components required, the IC TPA3110 TPA3110d2 is an ideal choice for powering audio systems in portable devices, home theater systems, and automotive applications.

Due desire to own a good-quality mini amplifier, and couldn’t find a suitable one after browsing on a certain online marketplace. Therefore, the author decided to design this portable mini audio amplifier module for yourself. It is based on the TPA3110D2 digital amplifier, with a driving power of 30W, which is sufficient for everyday use as a study or bedroom speaker driver.

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Tpa3110 Mini D Class Power Amplifier Tpa3110D2 30W
Mini D Class Power Amplifier

The author made some adjustments to eliminate pop noise and background current noise, and added a power on/off mute circuit to the SD pin. During the sliding process of the adjustable potentiometer, there may be some high-frequency noise generated, so added two 10nF capacitors to ground for filtering (which proved to be effective).

It is recommended to use a power supply voltage of 15V-20V, which can effectively eliminate background current noise. The audio source input uses two 1uF Wima capacitors as the left and right channel inputs, and the front stage follows the output voltage to achieve isolation between the input and output.

BOM Mini D class power amplifier with preamplifier

1uFC1,C6,C11,C20,C21,C22,C230805 – SMD ceramic capacitor7
220nFC2,C9,C10,C19C0805 – SMD ceramic capacitor4
680nFC3,C7,C12,C14C0805 – SMD ceramic capacitor4
10nFC4,C8,C13,C15,C17,C18C0805 – SMD ceramic capacitor6
0.1uFC24,C25,C30,C31,C35,C36C0805 – SMD ceramic capacitor6
1nFC32,C33C0805 – SMD ceramic capacitor2
1uFC5,C16Film capacitor2
680uFC26,C27Electrolytic capacitor2
47uFC34Electrolytic capacitor1
100k (104)R1,R6,R16,R21,R230805 – SMD resistor5
20k (203)R2,R15,R200805 – SMD resistor3
5.1k (512)R30805 – SMD resistor1
10 (10R)R40805 – SMD resistor1
10k (103)R5,R10,R11,R18,R19,R220805 – SMD resistor6
1k (102)R70805 – SMD resistor1
3.3R (3r3)R8,R13,R14,R170805 – SMD resistor4
51k (513)R90805 – SMD resistor1
RK09712200MYR12RK097 – 50K (503) Potentiometer1
SS34D1SMA -40V 3A Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBD)1
LED0LED1LED 3mm red1
S8050Q1SOT-23-3 – SMD NPN transistor1
TPA3110D2PWPTPA3110D2HTSSOP-28-EP Audio Power OpAmps1
MC4558GU1,U3SOIC-8 – Dual operational amplifier2
CJ78L12_C8615U4SOT-89-3 – Voltage regulator 12V1
7101P1YAV2BESW1SPDT Straight Plugin Toggle Switches1
DC-005-20ADC12 mm 6.4 mm Plugin AC/DC Power Connectors1
CD74R-33uHL1,L2,L3,L4SMD inductor 7.8×7.2 mm4
PJ-327ST-SMTAUX3.5 mm headphone jack SMD Audio Connectors1
CONN-TH_4P-P5.08_HT508R-5.08-4PL+Terminal block 5.08 mm 4 pin1

Download files, links, and notes

Tpa3110 Mini D Class Power Amplifier Tpa3110D2 Pcb 3D
Pcb 3D

Download PCB in Gerber, PDF, PNG, SVG

Tpa3110 Mini D Class Power Amplifier Tpa3110D2 Pcb 2




Tpa3110 Mini D Class Power Amplifier Tpa3110D2 Pcb

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