DIY 25+25W Power Amplifier Circuit using TDA7264

TDA7264 TDA7264A power amplifier circuit diy

The TDA7264 TDA7264A is class AB dual Audio power amplifier assembled in the Multiwatt package, specially designed for high quality sound application as Hi-fi music centers and stereo TV sets.

About IC TDA7264

The IC TDA7264 is a dual channel audio amplifier integrated circuit. It is commonly used in audio systems and provides high-quality sound output. The IC is designed to work with a wide range of power supply voltages, making it versatile and suitable for various applications. With a maximum power output of 20 watts per channel, it is capable of driving small to medium-sized speakers. The IC TDA7264 is known for its low distortion and high signal-to-noise ratio, ensuring clear and crisp sound reproduction. It also includes built-in protection circuits to safeguard against overheating and short circuits, making it reliable and durable. Overall, the IC TDA7264 is an excellent choice for audio amplification needs, offering excellent performance and reliability.

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Schematic diagram stereo power amplifier DIY IC TDA7264

Schematic Diagram Tda7264 Tda7264A Power Amplifier Circuit Diy
Schematic Diagram Power Amplifier Circuit Diy

All features

  • Few external components
  • Stand-by feature (low iq)
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Wide supply voltage range (up to 50v abs max.)
  • High output power: 25 + 25w @ thd =10%, rl= 8ω, vs= +20v\t
  • Split supply
  • Mute (pop free)
  • Short circuit protection
  • No pop at turn-on/off

BOM TDA7264 TDA7264A stereo power amplifier circuit DIY 25+25W

4.7 ΩR1,R2Yellow, violet, gold, gold2
0 ΩR5Resistor1
4.7KR3,R4Yellow, violet, red, gold2
100nF (104)C1,C2,C9,C10Film capacitor4
3.3uF (335)C3,C4Electrolytic or film capacitor2
2200uFC5,C6Electrolytic capacitor2
TDA7264 or TDA7264AU125 W + 25 W stereo amplifier1
GBU810 or equivalentD1Bridge rectifier1
264-7GDLED1,LED2LED 3 mm green2
KF128-5.08-3PJ2,J3Terminal block 5.08 mm 3 pin2
XH2.54_3PJ1Connector 254 mm 3 pin1

Download files, links, and notes

Tda7264 Tda7264A Power Amplifier Circuit Diy Pcb 3D
Power Amplifier Circuit Diy Pcb 3D

Download PCB in Gerber, PDF, PNG, SVG




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