Download book 200 transistor circuits TALKING ELECTRONICS


Download book 200 transistor circuits TALKING ELECTRONICS, This e-book contains 100 transistor circuits. The second part of this e-book will contain a further 100 circuits. Most of them can be made with components from your “junk box” and hopefully, you can put them together in less than an hour.
The idea of this book is to get you into the fun of putting things together, and there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing something work.

It’s wonderful what you can do with a few transistors and some connecting components. And this is the place to start.
Most of the circuits are “stand-alone” and produce a result with as little as 5 components.
We have even provided a simple way to produce your own speaker transformer by winding turns on a piece of ferrite rod. Many components can be obtained from transistor radios, toys and other pieces of discarded equipment you will find all over the place. Transistor data is at the bottom of this page and a transistor tester circuit is also provided. There are numerous categories, and I am sure many of the circuits will be new to you because some of them have been designed recently by me.

Download Book 200 Transistor Circuits Talking Electronics
Download Book 200 Transistor Circuits Talking Electronics

Basically, there are two types of transistor: PNP and NPN.
All you have to do is identify the leads of an unknown device, and you can build almost anything.
You have a choice of building a circuit “in the air,” or using an experimenter board (solderless breadboard) or a matrix board or even a homemade printed circuit board. The choice is up to you but the idea is to keep the cost to a minimum – so don’t buy anything expensive.

If you take parts from old equipment, it will be best to solder them together “in the air” (as they will not be suitable for placing on a solderless breadboard as the leads will be bent and very short).
This way they can be re-used again and again.
No matter what you do, I know you will be keen to hear some “noisy” circuits in operation.
Before you start, the home-made Speaker Transformer project and Transistor Tester are the first things you should look at.
If you are starting in electronics, see the World’s Simplest Circuit. It shows how a transistor works, and three transistors in the 6 Million Gain project will detect microscopic levels of static electricity! You can look through the Index, but the names of the projects don’t give you a full description of what they do. You need to look at everything. And I am sure you will.

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Ammeter 0-1A
Automatic Garden Light
Automatic Light
Battery Monitor MkI
Battery Monitor MkII
Bench Power Supply
Bike Turning Signal
Beacon (Warning Beacon 12v)
Beeper Bug
Book Light
Boom Gate Lights
Buck Converter for LEDs 48mA
Buck Converter for LEDs 170mA
Buck Converter for LEDs 210mA
Cable Tracer
Camera Activator
Circuit Symbols Complete list of Symbols
Clock – Make Time Fly
Clap Switch
Colour Code for Resistors – all resistors
Colpitts Oscillator
Constant Current
Constant Current Source
Continuity Tester
Dancing Flower
Dark Detector with beep Alarm
Decaying Flasher
Door-Knob Alarm
Dynamic Microphone Amplifier
Electronic Drums
Fading LED
Flasher (simple)
Flashing Beacon (12v Warning Beacon)
Fog Horn
FRED Photopopper
Gold Detector
Guitar Fuzz
Hartley Oscillator
Hex Bug
Heads or Tails
Hearing Aid Constant Volume
Hearing Aid Push-Pull Output
Hearing Aid 1.5v Supply
Hee Haw Siren
IC Radio
Increasing the output current
Latching Relay
LED Detects Light
LED Detects light
LED Flasher 1-Transistor
LED Torch with Adj Brightness
LED Torch with 1.5v Supply
Lie Detector
Light Alarm-1
Light Alarm-2
Light Alarm-3
Light Extender for Cars
Limit Switches
Listener – phone amplifier
Logic Probe – Simple
Logic Probe with Pulse
Low fuel Indicator
Mains Night Light
Make any resistor value
Make Time Fly!
Making 0-1A Ammeter
Metal Detector
Microphone Pre-amplifier
Model Railway time
Motor Speed Controller
Movement Detector
Multimeter – Voltage of Bench Supply
Music to Colour
On-Off via push Buttons
Phaser Gun
Phone Alert
Phone Tape-1
Phone Tape-2
Phone Tape-3
Phone Transmitter-1
Phone Transmitter-2
Phase-shift Oscillator
Power Supplies – Fixed
Power Supplies – Adjustable LMxx series
Power Supplies – Adjustable 78xx series
Power Supplies – Adjustable from 0v
PWM Controller
Quiz Timer
Railway time
Random Blinking LEDs
Resistor Colour Code
Resistor Colour Code
Resistor Colour Code – 4, 5 and 6 Bands
Reversing a Motor
Robo Roller
Robot Man – Multivibrator
Schmitt Trigger
SCR with Transistors
Second Simplest Circuit
Shake Tic Tac LED Torch
Signal by-pass
Signal Injector
Simple Flasher
Simple Logic Probe
Simple Touch-ON Touch-OFF Switch
Soft Start power supply
Solar Engine
Solar Engine Type-3
Solar Photovore
Sound to Light
Sound Triggered LED
Speaker Transformer
Spy Amplifier
Strength Tester
Sun Eater-1
Sun Eater-1A
Super Ear
Ticking Bomb
Touch-ON Touch-OFF Switch
Touch Switch
Tracking Transmitter
Track Polarity – model railway
Train Detectors
Train Throttle
Transformerless Power Supply
Transistor Pinouts
Transistor Tester-1
Transistor Tester-2
Trickle Charger 12v
Voltage Multipliers
Wailing Siren
Walkie Talkie
Walkie Talkie with LM386
Walkie Talkie – 5 Tr – circuit 1
Walkie Talkie – 5 Tr- circuit 2
Worlds Simplest Circuit
White LED Flasher
White LED with Adj Brightness
White Line Follower
Zener Diode (making)
0-1A Ammeter
1-watt LED
1.5 watt LED
1.5v to 10v Inverter
1.5v LED Flasher
1.5v White LED Driver
3-Phase Generator
5v from old cells
5 LED Chaser
5 Transistor Radio
5v Regulated Supply from 3v
6 Million Gain
6 to 12 watt Fluoro Inverter
12v Flashing Beacon (Warning Beacon)
12v Relay on 6v
12v Trickle Charger
20 LEDs on 12v supply
20watt Fluoro Inverter
27MHz Door Phone
27MHz Transmitter
27MHz Transmitter – no Xtal
27MHz Transmitter-Sq Wave
27MHz Transmitter-2 Ch
27MHz Transmitter-4 Ch
27MHz Receiver
27MHz Receiver-2
303MHz Transmitter

Download book 200 transistor circuits TALKING ELECTRONICS

Download 1-100

Download 101-200

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